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Monday, October 14, 2013

Public Schools and the Destruction of America

by Al Benson Jr.
15 October 2013

Contrary to popular myths, public education in this country has never been “necessary.” 

Years ago Samuel Blumenfeld wrote a book called Is Public Education Necessary? Mr. Blumenfeld, who was an education expert, concluded that, no, it was not. Rather it was introduced by people (Unitarians and socialists) who had an agenda and that agenda was the removal of Christian education, to be replaced by an educational system run by the state (government). It was to be a thoroughly humanist system. Humanism is a system of theology completely alien to and opposed to the Christian faith and the truth about Jesus Christ and Scripture. This was the foundation of public education in this country and, sad to say, most Christians bought into it and continue to buy into it and when their kids leave the faith after high school they wonder why. The idea that the public school worked for twelve years to eradicate the faith of their children never occurs to them, and what’s more, they get really ticked at anyone who tries to explain this to them. They don’t want to hear it—end of conversation!

However, the public school agenda presently is becoming so blatant I don’t see how they can ignore it much longer without willingly admitting that they don’t want the responsibility for their children’s education and therefore are willing to turn the kids over to apostates and anti-Christs for their “education.”

The information that comes across my desk about the continuing destruction of real education by the public schools is so voluminous that I can hardly keep up with it all, much less comment on it all. But here and there items turn up that cry out to be dealt with and you get the feeling that the Lord would have you try, just one more time, to warn Christian parents about what is going on, even though most of them don’t want to hear it and would just as soon you shut up so they could continue on in their theological dreamland where everything is fine and they don’t have to do anything about anything. I guess I’m just enough of an agitator that I don’t want them to be able to say “nobody ever told me.”

So here are a few tidbits that should make Christian parents with kids in public brain laundries think and wonder if, possibly, just possibly, their kids might be better off in a different educational environment, like the home or the Christian school. An article that appeared on for October 5th was headlined: Worksheet asks children to remove parts of the Bill of Rights. The author, Justin King wrote: “A student in Bryant School District in Arkansas brought home a worksheet that presented her with a scenario that referred to the Bill of rights as ‘outdated’ and that as part of a special committee she would need to throw out two of the amendments. The worksheet was handed out to Sixth grade students in a History class…According to the girl’s mother, she has not received any government or civics classes and this was the first assignment dealing with the Constitution or Bill of Rights. The school district is participating in the embattled Common Core curriculum.” So these kids are supposed to meet in some sort of a committee and decide, since the Bill of Rights is “outdated” what two amendments need to go. And this in the sixth grade with no previous civics classes? How much do you want to bet, with the teacher’s “gentle persuasion” this totally inexperienced sixth grade committee ends up recommending that the two amendments that are outdated and should be removed are the Second and Tenth Amendments? This is history? Well, no, actually its propaganda, but they’ll never tell.

And there’s this one from Tennessee on the same day, October 5th. It appeared on which stated: “Tennesse School Posts 5 Pillars Of Islam On Walls Adds Islam To Curriculum.” The article starts off “Springfield High School didn’t miss an opportunity to display and essentially express their desire to show their tolerance for an ever growing diverse community at a recent open house for parents and returning public school children. On display on the freshman hall wall of the Robertson County, TN school, the 5 Pillars of Islam were pasted ‘up and down’ the hallway, proclaiming the rules to be a good student of Islam, much in the way the 10 Commandment direct Christians.” Only problem with all of this is that the Ten Commandments probably would have “offended” someone and would have had to be taken down while no one will dare touch the Islamic stuff for fear of “offending” those who are offended by Christianity. In fact the article ended up with “The only problem to date, is the 5 Pillars stayed and the 10 Commandments came down.” Folks, that’s what it was all about! Islam will be paraded and Christianity will be removed as quickly as possible. This is your public education system in living color folks, get used to it. This is where it’s headed. And don’t think you can “reform” it. That will never happen.

Then there was the article that came from The Daily Sheeple that appeared on which observed: “Critics of the public school system will be pleased to know that St. Joseph-Ogden High School in Illinois is preparing kids for the future by teaching them practical skills. That’s right—15 and 16 year olds just had an assignment on how to distribute limited medical resources amongst a small sampling of the population. They got to pick who deserves to live and who deserves to die.” Turns out the lesson deals with ten people who need kidney dialysis when there are only enough resources to care for six of them and the students have to decide who lives and who dies. This is a different spin on the old one they used to pull with values clarification courses I think it was. There were ten people who were in the water after the ship sank but the rowboat only had room for six and so the kids had to decide which six lived.

The Lew Rockwell article continue: “At least these students will leave high school job-ready. They’ll be all set to serve on the much-speculated Obamacare Death Panels.” The school principal hastened to mention that this was not a “death panel” assignment and he blathered on about how the assignment was to educate kids about “social values.” Hogwash! After listening to some of these guys on and off for years and sitting in school board meetings in West Virginia where some of the school board members lied outright to parents and then laughed when caught at, you’ll pardon me if I just don’t believe much of what they say. These people have an agenda and that agenda is the destruction of your kid’s Christian faith and replacing it with another faith.

The one I’ll finish off with comes from for October 10th and the headline reads: “Students suspended for carrying Confederate flags”., This one took place at a high school in Maple Valley, Washington. Two students were suspended because they wore Confederate flags around their necks, which they did to make an anti-sodomite statement. The school district really didn’t want to say too much about this but it turned out that a 10th grade student had been displaying a somomite-pride flag for the past two weeks. The kids with the Confederate flags were protesting that and this was how they did it. However they got suspended and the kid with the sodomite flag didn’t. It seems that many were “offended” by the Confederate flags but it seems that no one was offended by the sodomite flag, at least no one we’ve been told about. That just might tell you something about the public school climate in Washington State—and if so, why is it that way?

It seems that the one group it is perfectly okay to offend is white Christians, particularly those from the South—in fact it’s almost required behavior anymore to offend white Christians—and heaven help them if they dare to resist the politically correct garbage that’s floating in most public school rivers today.

I’m not about to suggest that Christians invade public school campuses with mass demonstrations. What I am suggesting is that Christians learn what is going on and have the intestinal fortitude (spelled g u t s) to stage a mass EXODUS from the public school system. This is the last thing most Christians want to do and the first thing they should do. Check out Exodus Mandate on the Internet.

I’m not indicting every public school teacher. I realize there have been and are some good ones, but the system as a whole, especially at the top, is anti-Christ to the core, even down to the Common Core.