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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Americans Suckered Again for a Free Lunch: Obamacare is a TAX Not a Benefit

The big betrayal of individual liberties is still game-on from the two political crime families.

While our benevolent, caring government markets socialized medicine as a benefit, it's in fact an additional TAX. 

Few know the historical implementation of Social Security was 'marketed' (forced upon) the people as a "trust fund" when, in fact, all forced participation taxes went into the federal government's  general revenue fund, and still does. 

Social Security was a big lie right from the git-go & Obamacare is just building on the same fraud. Republicans just let it go by, preferring to dawdle on the mechanics of the heist, ignoring the greater felony and perpetuating the status quo of the privileged. And Americans blissfully move on with the belief their government is 'looking after their best welfare'.

Here's an account of a recent incident from a Steve Quayle submitter: 

WELL one thing we kinda forgot........ THE REAL THREAT for Oct 1st time frame. The revolt against Obamacare. I heard driving into to work this morning, a guy who signed up in the the last day or so. He's a type 1 diabetic........his monthly policy would be like $600..... that's PER MONTH.....and a $14,000 he opt-ed a email later in the day, saying his penalty was $4600.....and if he didn't pay it in 24 months.......he lose his driver license and have a FEDERAL LIEN against his home, that's if they cant get it from income taxes refunds, ot straight from his bank account. It's a COMMUNIST take financial means....... stock up folks because you will have to go underground............or be part of the system. Oct 3, 2013
How is anything a benefit when you can go to jail and lose everything if you try to opt-out? 

What benefit is ever available without an opt-out feature? None, that’s why it’s a tax, and collectible by force by the IRS, the collections arm of the US Federal Reserve.