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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'4th Of July Checkpoint' YouTube Star Sheriff Deputy A.J. Ross Named 'Deputy Of The Year'

Tennessee has a proud history of respecting the rights of individuals. That tradition is gone. The evidence now indicates political cronyism and legalized thuggery have replaced the constitutional rule of law. This is shameful, inexcusable, intolerable, and reflects a code of immorality upon the county sheriff, its state legislature, state judiciary, and Tennessee's governor. 

How do we re-build the rule of law when it's 'legal' bullies like this who are rotting our foundation beneath our feet? ... CV...Ed

Chris | InformationLiberation

In a big "F you" to the people of America, deputy A.J. Ross made famous for harassing a man at a checkpoint on the fourth of July has been given a "Deputy of the Year" award by the agency responsible for setting up such checkpoints throughout the state.

From WGNS via r/BCND:

The Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office has chosen Rutherford County Sheriff's Department Deputy A.J. Ross as their "Deputy of the Year." You may recall Ross is the deputy who became a YouTube sensation after a motorist refused to roll his window down during a sobriety checkpoint earlier this year (July of 2013).

Channel 4 News reported in July (2013) that Ross actually worked at the sheriff's department twice, the first time.

Disciplinary action was not taken after the sobriety checkpoint incident in July, according to Sheriff Robert Arnold. The Sheriff stated,
"He didn't violate anybody's rights" being hired in 2002. Then, former Sheriff Truman Jones accepted his resignation after Ross, according to his personnel file uncovered by WSMV, lied to Murfreesboro Police about having insurance after a fender bender accident. Ross was later re-hired under the new administration.

Source InformationLiberation