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Monday, December 23, 2013

Bush Crimes in Office - Defending civil liberties: Impeach Gonzales - Video - Part One

This is a video back from the Bush era, but it’s a clear indication how the Congress had his back for corrupting the office of Attorney General. Isn’t it astounding that the congress politely suggested that the AG only “resign” as penance for his crimes!

Rogue State

Alberto Gonzales is the miscreant who wrote the legal opinion that made torture of prisoners "legal" in America.

Criminal-in-Chief George Bush rewarded his treasonous behavior by elevating him to Attorney General.

Now Gonzales has been caught red handed acting as a political thug, removing federal prosecutors for failing to harass Democratic politicians as part of a White House directed program to turn the federal judiciary into a propaganda office.

It's time for Gonzales to go. Click the link below and add your voice to the petition [<
ß link now defunct]

This is part one in a two-part video series. Here's part two: