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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Charleston (SC) "Abortion" Center has resident training program with SC State-funded Hospital MUSC!

Has your state representative approved your tax money paying for abortion through a state-funded hospital? Is abortion and its related activities a procedure consistent with their idea of Morality?

Were you aware that Warren Buffett through his own taxpayer-subsidized tax shelter funds more than 2/3rds of Planned Parenthood's expenses?

Report submitted 12.17.2013 by the Columbia Christians for Life

Welcome to Charleston Women's Medical
[sic - Child-Murder-by-"Abortion"] Center

[ Excerpt: ]

Charleston Women's Medical Center (CWMC) is the only abortion facility in Charleston, and is one of only three abortion facilities in the state of South Carolina. We are licensed by DHEC and of the three facilities in South Carolina, CWMC is the only accredited member of the National Abortion Federation. We have an affiliation with the Medical University of South Carolina and have an established resident training program. CWMC has provided pregnancy terminations for over thirty years.  
Our highly trained staff has a reputation for providing good compassionate, quality care to our patients. Our center offers surgical abortions for women whose pregnancy age is from 6 weeks 3 days up to 16 weeks, as well as medical abortions for women whose pregnancy is 63 days or less from the first day of their last menstrual period. Pregnancy age will be verified by ultrasound and doctor's exam to confirm eligibility for either abortion option. No parental consent needed from age 17 and older for abortion procedures. We also provide various gynecological services, including but not limited to annual exams, pap testing, STD testing, ultrasounds, pregnancy testing and birth control options including pills, IUD, and depo injection.

Medical University of South Carolina Academic Department Course OBGYN 882J: Family Planning________________________________________

Obstetrics & Gynecology

MUSC: OBGYN 882J: Family Planning [ CCL: sic - includes Child-Murder-by-"Abortion" ]

[ CCL: Portion omitted, emphasis added ]

Course Director: Angela Dempsey, MD Email:

Course Coordinator: Marti Sturdevant Telephone #: 843-792-1241 Email:

[ Portion omitted ]

This selective will provide students an opportunity to explore thDoes youre subspecialty of family planning including contraception, pregnancy options counseling,
pregnancy termination, and management of miscarriage. Students will have the opportunity to observe patient care at an abortion clinic in Charleston, participate in patient care in our Early Pregnancy Failure and Contraception Clinics, and assist with gynecologic procedures in the operating room. Students will also have structured  didactics and complete an evidence-based medicine assignment.

LEARNING GOALS & OBJECTIVES: At the completion of this clinical rotation students should be able to do the following: 

  1. Provide comprehensive and accurate contraceptive counseling to patients in a manner that is sensitive to their personhood. (PC4, PC5)
  2. Evaluate patients with unintended or abnormal pregnancy and counsel them regarding their diagnosis and management options. (PC1, PC2, PC3, CS2, MK5, PR3)
  3. Describe the epidemiology of unintended pregnancy and abortion in the United States and health systems barriers to accessing reproductive health care. (MK7, SL2, SL5)
  4. Identify an area of clinical knowledge deficiency, conduct a literature search and summarize the results for the attending and resident on the family planning service. (PL1, PL3, CS3, MK8, PR4)

INSTRUCTIONAL METHODOLOGIES & ROTATION ACTIVITIES: Students on this rotation will be expected to learn and achieve the educational goals and objectives through the following methodologies and activities:  

1. Participating in patient care in 3 locations: an abortion clinic, MUSC's family planning clinic, and the operating room.
2. Structured didactic reading about family planning designed for a medical student.
3. Completion of a literature search and summary of the results.
PATIENT ENCOUNTERS: Students will be expected to work-up patients with these specified conditions:

1. Unintended pregnancy
2. Early pregnancy failure (miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy)
3. Contraception initiation and management
4. IUD and implant insertions and removals
5. Induced abortion