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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Obama Administration: Most Incompetent in US History

We would be inclined to call Obama's record of failure to being deliberately destructive because he's only carrying out his orders from the Conspiracy. He's really a Marxist, but masquerading as a DINO (Democrat In Name Only)

After the CFR throws him under the bus (damage accomplished to our liberties) they'll take him off the monitor for a year or two, then parade him out as a "gallant warrior statesman" for freedom. He will be replaced by a Republican Fascist. Y'all know the drill by this time I hope!!

by Michael Thomas
December 4th, 2013
Updated 12/05/2013 at 11:26 am 

Mainstream Media Functions as the “US Ministry of Propaganda”

After witnessing almost five years of the Obama Administration, there are two observations which have been made on both sides of the political aisle. The same perceptions have also been made by many commentators throughout the alternative news realm about the Mainstream Media.
I. The Obama Administration has demonstrated a level of gross incompetence and willful neglect never before seen in the history of the US Federal Government.

II. The Mainstream Media has never given a president so much cover for so many ongoing governmental debacles and political fiascos.

Without question, Obamacare (ACA) is the most flawed piece of major legislation in US history. It is not just inherently defective in many profound ways, it has the potential to bankrupt the nation.  Likewise, the healthcare sector may just implode under the weight of the newly imposed governmental inefficiencies, as the citizenry is brought to the point of financial ruin. And yet this president tinkers with the ACA as though it’s his personal plaything.

The ‘Affordable’ ‘Care’ Act, as it turns out, is anything but affordable and has very little to do with care. It was all about enriching the health insurance companies who wrote the bill. The only thing true about its name is that it is an incredible “Act” on the part of this Administration. They “dance and sing” it praises at every turn. They try to “shuck and jive” the injured after every train wreck it has caused since its inception. And the MSM not allows them to get away with it, but enthusiastically colludes in every aspect of this nonstop “smoke and mirrors” performance!
Why has the Mainstream Media carried so much water for this president?

There are several answers to this question, but one of those has more weight than all the rest. Once the MSM made the decision to defend Obama regarding his forged birth certificate, they basically became co-conspirators. Because they knowingly fell down on the job so hard, they left themselves with no choice but to protect him for the rest of his time in high office.

That the MSM is completely complicit concerning the fake birth certificate cannot be argued since the fraudulent document is still posted on the website. They have had years to tell the American people that the document was fabricated in so many obvious ways, yet they continue — by their silence — to provide unprecedented cover for an impeachable crime committed in broad daylight … by a constitutional lawyer president, no less!

Mainstream Media Avoids Obama’s Every Misstep and Mistake

The question must be asked: Why else is the MSM going way overboard for this floundering and inept president? Because of the exceptionally permissive agenda which the MSM has advocated for decades. In Barack Obama do they possess a politician who will push every aspect of their planned Permissive Society. Toward that end, both sides of this “devil’s bargain” have implicitly agreed to protect each other to the death.

As the newspapers continue to go bankrupt because of their refusal to print the truth, they have steered a course of even more propaganda printing. That they would rather go down with Obama’s ship rather than disseminate true and accurate information about the true state of the nation is quite inconceivable. However, the day of their comeuppance is fast approaching. As are the fate and vulnerable fortunes of both sides of this devil’s pact. The relentless degradation of civil society simply cannot go on much longer.

The body politic is getting very unhappy with this state of affairs. They are lied to by the government daily. They are lied to by the Mainstream Media with every broadcast and publication. The falsehoods become more egregious and grow in sheer numbers by the hour. The people are finally showing their profound displeasure in the numerous polls which indicate the president’s cratering popularity.  Some are now even demanding a new president since the current one has proven to be not only incapable, but also astonishingly resistant to the many fixes that are desperately needed.

Both Obama and the MSM act as though the jobless recovery is right on track!

Especially given the past 5 year performance within the context of a relentless economic recession, has the MSM ignored all of the realities that the rest of us know well.  The economy continues to tank, and this Administration pretends all is well.  In so doing, they have missed every opportunity to get it right.  And the few initiatives they have taken have been monumental failures… FINISH READING - - >