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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Banks are getting away with funding Terrorism: HSBC whistleblower Everett Stern

Can't you just imagine the hissy fits our Republican-controlled House Oversight committees are going to have when they hear about this one? Wow! How could these crimes have gotten by their vigilance on their watch?

Terrorism funding just one thing big banks are getting away with - whistleblower Everett Stern

January 20, 2014 08:30 

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Banks say they are the pillar of the modern society – ruling the streams of money across the globe and keeping a tight grip on the world’s economy; What is going on in offices of top level management is kept in a most valuable secrets. 

Even governments are afraid to get in confrontation with the enormous financial giants. But today we talk to a man who single-handedly fought the corrupt banking system, with no one behind his back; Whistleblower Everett Stern is today’s guest on Sophie&Co.

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Sophie Shevardnadze: Our guest today is whistleblower Everett Stern, former employee of one of the world’s banking giants HSBC. You’ve been very vocal about your experience with HSBC. Can you tell our viewers in a nutshell, in simple words, what it’s all about?

Everett Stern: Sure. This is not a normal banking scandal, I mean this is about a bank sponsoring terrorism and killing people, that’s what it is about, and it is about defending the US and defending the world as a whole against terrorism, and saying that “too big to jail” is not an OK policy for any government to have.