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Friday, January 24, 2014

▶ Do We Live in a Police State? | Ron Paul - YouTube

Published on Jan 24, 2014

Recorded at the Mises Circle Southwest Regional in Houston, 18 January 2014. Includes an introduction by Jeff Deist.

In the modern United States, federal laws are now so numerous and written so broadly and vaguely, that it is nearly impossible to make it through the day without breaking at least one of them. And through it all, an enormous government apparatus of prisons, prosecutors, police, and bureaucrats remains well-funded, powerful, and nearly impossible to oppose in court.


Anonymous said...

A lot of Police are going to regret there choice. They better think how are they going to protect there families

Charleston Voice said...

Not necessarily so. "Police", as we understand the term, are state, county and municipal agencies. They are closest to the people, and understand us best. True, there are bad apples in every bin just as there are bad police there are also bad teachers, bad soldiers, bad doctors, and yes, bad parents. We're told of the bad police as the media chooses to do so while the others are minimized.

We, as Americanists, must keep our police close to us. To display antagonism and lawlessness 'in their face' only invites a retaliatory response which our enemies encourage then cry "police brutality" or "repression". It is a characteristic of anarchists. We don't want that outcome now do we.

Afterall, who else have we got if we don't prevent our law enforcement from becoming federalized?

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