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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Electronic Surveillance Of Private Citizens ... Subversive Of Constitutional Government" Was One Of The Articles Of Impeachment Against President Richard Nixon...

And don’t for a second believe that Obama’s the only criminal that warrants charges of treachery. The other side of the aisle has a stack full, too!

On the logical angle, however, it would be a grand opportunity for the Republicans to show 'integrity', 'patriotism' ad nauseum, and draw the whole drama out for themselves being the suitable replacement for the Democrats. 

What do you think, would an impeachment trauma just end up being a waste of the people's money, time, and energy? We think so. The Republicans themselves haven't been vigilant or loyal in decades, so why now?

Congress oversight poll. Photograph:

…Approved By A Bipartisan 28 To 10 Vote Of The House Judiciary Committee On July 27, 1974
Why Isn’t Obama Impeached for Mass Surveillance?

One of the crimes against the Constitution for which the House Judiciary Committee voted to impeach Nixon was:

The electronic surveillance of private citizens … subversive of constitutional government ….

2 former presidents, a vice president and a judge all warn that the NSA’s current mass surveillance is tyranny.   Top American constitutional experts say that spying by the Obama  administration is worse than the spying done by Nixon.

Why isn’t Obama impeached for such tyranny?

In fact, historians say that the NSA’s spying is worse than the Stasi East Germans. They also say that NSA spying is exactly the type of oppression that the Founding Fathers launched the Revolutionary War to stop. And see this.

Where is America’s immune system?

SOURCE WashingtonsBlog