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Monday, February 17, 2014

Like Bush Before Him Obama Is Transforming The Presidency Into A Dictatorship

Published On February 18, 2014 | Featured Articles, U.S. News
Is there any doubt that Barack Obama is acting more and more like a dictator?  

Obama is now using executive actions to implement law which is illegal and entirely unconstitutional.  The fact that there is no political will to impeach him shows once again that there is no difference between the Republicans or Democrats.  These two political parties are nothing more than two factions of a corrupt political system.  If there was true opposition, impeachment proceedings would have begun long ago.  The Republicans won’t even touch the issue of impeachment despite countless scandals and criminal acts like the IRS targeting Tea Party groups, the Benghazi debacle, the Justice Department spying on reporters, the ATF delivering guns to Mexican drug cartels and unconstitutional NSA surveillance activities.  This just reveals how controlled they are.

It could easily be argued that just one of the Obama scandals is many times worse than the Watergate fiasco which forced Richard Nixon to resign from the Presidency back in the 1970s.  What makes this so sick is that despite all of this insanity, Obama is so filled with hubris that he now thinks he can make law with his pen and phone through executive actions.  This was a major theme of his recent State of the Union speech in which he openly announced his so-called year of action.  Take for example the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare which he spent several years trying to cram down everyone’s throat.  Now that this disastrous law has been implemented, Obama is unilaterally making politically convenient changes to the same law that he begged everyone to support.  There are also many other unconstitutional executive actions that Obama has taken such as raising the minimum wage of federal contractors, the implementation of the myIRA program and others.  

What’s scary is that this appears to be just the beginning of him engaging in this activity.  Clearly these actions are not within the President’s authority as only Congress has the constitutional authority to make changes to law.  The President’s role is to faithfully execute the law as it is not make changes to it if there is something they don’t like.

Undoubtedly any Obama worshipping zombies who read this will probably try to turn this into a fake Republican versus Democrat debate and point out that George W. Bush greatly expanded executive authority through the so-called war on terror.   It is true that Bush expanded the executive branch’s power during his two terms in office and he should have also been impeached for doing so.  He even signed a Presidential directive giving the executive branch authority over all three branches of government during a catastrophic emergency which was particularly outrageous.   What it boils down to is that there isn’t any significant difference between the actions that Bush and Obama have taken.  Their actions combined have slowly transformed the Presidency into a dictatorial position. Continue reading >