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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hidden History A closer look at Abraham Lincoln *vid*

Why has he been made into a "god"?

The truth about his war

A big part of the country already knows this story, intuitively at least.

That would be the South which suffered most directly under Lincoln's "enlightened" rule.

The Civil War was largely fought in the South and the scorched earth policy which included murdering and assaulting civilians, burning houses, killing livestock, and torching crops was primarily felt there.

Was the war "to end slavery" that killed over 700,000 people necessary and was "ending slavery" even the real purpose of the war?

Other countries and even other states managed to make slavery illegal without firing a shot.

What was the war really about and did America's blacks really benefit from Lincoln's strategy?

Hint: Lincoln spent the majority of his professional life as attorney for the biggest industry in the country at the time, the railroads.