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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

No Sandy Hook Victim ever Born. Multiple Aliases for the Adults *vids*

...The Deceit and Deception is Outrageous

I am so thankful for those on the internet who search for the Truth.  Together we all uncover the LIES and Deception of Sandy Hook.  We all do are different things regarding it.

I have watched the information about the Aliases of Nancy Lanza and have done multiple searches regarding that too.  The web of lies and many names she had is outrageous.  It comes down to the fact that it appears Nancy Lanza is Anne Haddad and is someone who was shown to us on TV already as alive and well.

There is information on Dawn Hochsprung too - it appears the names and aliases for her and how she is really related to the fictitious Peter Lanza. Think about it. There has never been one single interview of Peter Lanza. The press never hounded him to get a statement. He was never on TV once.

Then see this research that it appears all the victims of Sandy Hook were never even born.

We the People through our own intelligence and willing to search for the Truth, uncover the absolute deception and web of lies, weaved for gun control and confiscation. But more and more are waking up and will continue to do so. It is difficult to acknowledge the Truth of everything, but the more who do, the less the insanes can get away with. 

Source: SandyHookResearch