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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The "War on Terror" is a Fraud: The very, very odd death of Brittany Murphy

Strange piled on strange

Brittany Murphy was a solid "B" level Hollywood actress who appeared in a number of well known films.

Here are the facts of her death:

1. She died at the age of 32 and the coroner said the cause of death was "pneumonia and anemia." These are not dying diseases, especially in a 32 year old.

2. Her husband refused an autopsy and her mother was not interested in one.

3. Murphy and her husband shared the house with Murphy's mother Sharon Murphy.

4. Brittany Murphy left everything to her mother and nothing to her husband.

5. Five months later, her 40 year old husband died - and the same cause of death was ascribed to him

6. When police came to the house about the second death, Murphy's mother, Sharon Murphy implied strongly that she was sharing a bed with Brittany Murphy's husband. Prescription drugs were found in the house with Sharon's first name and the last name of Brittany Murphy's husband.

Pretty weird, right?

It gets weirder.

Murphy's father claims he spent four years trying to get the local coroner's office to do a toxicology test. He finally went ahead and had his own test done, the results of which indicated poisoning. The coroner has said he will not re-open the case and the mother said that no poisoning was involved.

Her father, who separated from Murphy's mother early in Murphy's life, Angelo Bertolloti is a (former) mobster.

Is it weird enough for you yet?

Before she died, Murphy complained of being stalked and harassed by the Department of Homeland Security. She was written off by the Hollywood press as being a nut. However, supposedly there is nanny-cam footage that shows agents entering her house without her permission when she was not around and looking through things.

Murphy was apparently a witness in support of a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower (the woman worked as a stunt double and knew Murphy professionally.)

The whistleblower, Julia Davis, was on the receiving end one of the most egregious abuses power imaginable, which included over a dozen armed agents raiding her house complete with Blackhawk helicopter. The young neighbor who filmed the raid was found dead in his house not much later.

What do you make of it?