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Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Universe-Shattering Evidence" Re: Obama Criminal Investigation

by Michael Thomas
March 8th, 2014
Updated 03/09/2014 at 5:59 pm

How is the Obama criminal probe related to the preplanned Ukraine ‘Color Revolution’ executed by the Anglo-American Axis?

March of 2014 may shape up to be a series of defining moments in both US and world history. The staged coup in the Ukraine, which was orchestrated by the US et al., may very well lead to an even more bellicose confrontation between Russia and the Western powers. Russia is quietly supported in their various moves to protect Ukrainian sovereignty by many other nations including China, another permanent member of the UN Security Council.

There are several other key nations that have been victimized by US military action and/or threats of aggression which also stand firmly behind the Russian response. 

Likewise, there are many countries around the world that have been the recipient of intense economic pressure and financial leverage used by the US-EU to compel compliance with their oppressive agenda.  The BRICS economic union is particularly aligned in their mission to end US global dominance, and especially to terminate the petrodollar as the world’s reserve currency.

The same bloc of nations is well aware that the USA carefully premeditated the color revolution staged in Kiev as a means of deliberately provoking the Russian “bear”.  

They are also cognizant of Russia’s firm intention to reverse this coup d’├ętat coordinated by the CIA.  Nevertheless, it is clear that there are critical geo-political moves being made on the Ukrainian chessboard which will ultimately determine who wins the Great Game, once and for all.  

From a much larger perspective, it is important to understand that there are truly “universe-shattering” events in the making that directly revolve around the future of the Ukraine.  When portentous threats and counter-threats are made on a daily basis such as those delineated in this article, the world has already changed … profoundly and irreversibly!  The inevitable outcome of the upcoming massive movements of money and power, influence and force, will determine the future economic and financial landscape of the planet. 
Source: “Political, military standoff escalates in Ukraine’s Crimea region” (CNN)

The Obama Administration is operating under extreme pressures internally and extraordinary stresses from abroad. 

Why would Team Obama execute the violent overthrow of yet another democratically elected nation on Russia’s border, unless it was a necessary diversion to soon-to-be-presented “Universe-Shattering Evidence“?

“When this information is finally exposed to the public, it will be universe-shattering,” Mike Zullo told WND. “This is beyond the pale of anything you can imagine.”[1]

This quote refers to a statement recently made by Mike Zullo, the lead investigator of the Cold Case Posse (CCP) that was constituted by Phoenix Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.  The CCP has evolved into a full-blown “Obama Criminal Investigation” and Zullo is referring to evidence that will be presented in an upcoming March news conference. Initially set up to investigate the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate, the CCP has since significantly expanded its mandate.  This augmentation of investigative powers occurred because of a continuous stream of incriminating evidence that has poured into Zullo’s office regarding other illicit conduct on the part of Obama and his Administration.

“I can’t tell you what this is, but the magnitude is so great that Sheriff Arpaio has allotted resources from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. He is fully invested in this and I don’t think I’ve been home more than two days this month.”  – Mike Zullo [1]

What could be so “Universe Shattering” that Team Obama would deliberately implement covert plans to instigate a civil war in an ex-Soviet Republic during the entire Sochi Winter Olympics?

“According to Zullo, Arpaio has taken down the previous barrier between the CCP [Cold Case Posse] and the MCSO [Maricopa County Sheriff's Office] regarding the expanded criminal investigation that now goes way beyond just the forged BC [birth certificate].” [1]

Both Zullo and Arpaio ought to be commended for the depth and integrity of their investigation.  In the process they stumbled upon a genuine national security threat as follows:

“Zullo explained that along with new information discovered regarding the birth certificate since the posse’s March 1 press conference, his team has discovered Hawaii provides easy access to a birth certificate, even if the child wasn’t born in the state.”

However, the much greater national security risk exists in the fact that, at any time, the president can be threatened with exposure on the front page of any major newspaper or on any of the major networks’ evening news.  The risk goes well beyond these two examples, since any foreign nation could also make Obama’s forged birth certificate their top story — evidence and all — for a protracted period of time.  In this way a sitting president can be coerced or extorted into making a desired decision(s) on behalf of those applying the political pressure.

“To ‘wag the dog‘ means to purposely divert attention from what would otherwise be of greater importance, to something else of lesser significance. By doing so, the lesser-significant event is catapulted into the limelight, drowning proper attention to what was originally the more important issue.”