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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bundy land context: US 'leaders' steal land with MERS bankster fraud & War Crimes, hoard CAFR & off-shore trillions

(see full reports on CAFRs appended below)

The Bundy land conflict evokes Americans to a local venue to protest crimes of a psychopathic US “leadership” immersed in “Big Lie” crimes centering in war, money, and media (also in ~100 other crucial areas).

Perhaps the easiest of these crimes to explain, document, and prove is the history of unlawful US Wars of Aggression all on easily-proved lies known to be false as they were told.

Because all of our families sacrificed through two world wars, the damning facts of US “leadership” lies to send US military to commit unlawful Wars of Aggression is enough to demand arrests of those political and media “leaders.”

And that said, let’s look at four areas of damning facts of US “leadership” crimes in context of the Bundy spark to patriot actions:

  1. US “leaders” steal Americans’ homes through MERS bankster mortgage fraud.
  2. The US claims to own over 80% of Nevada from lie-started, treaty-violating, unlawful war on Mexico.
  3. US “leaders” lie to hoard CAFR trillions in taxpayer assets while demanding our austerity.
  4. US “leaders” hoard ~$30 trillion in tax-free foreign banks.
  5. US “leaders” steal Americans’ homes through MERS bankster mortgage fraud: Washington’s Blog reported:

“A prominent economist said about the 2008 financial crisis:

“At the root of the crisis we find the largest financial swindle in world history”, where “counterfeit” mortgages were “laundered” by the banks.
The Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems – MERS – was one of the main ways the swindle was done, and the main way in which counterfeit mortgages were laundered by the banks.

MERS is a shell company with no employees, owned by the giant banks.

In addition, the rigging of interest rates was/is known by The Federal Reserve and encouraged, this fraud is now conservative and admitted fact, trillions in bank bailouts and bail-ins are thrust upon the public, and known solutions worth literally ~$100 trillion are deliberately left out from public consideration by these lying sacks-of-spin asset-hole criminal “leaders.”

2. The US claims to own over 80% of Nevada from lie-started, treaty-violating, unlawful war on Mexico: US federal government claims to “own” over 80% of Nevada. US land claims (and here) in Nevada and throughout the US Southwest originate in a lie-started, treaty-violating, unlawful invasive war on Mexico.

If the land in question was stolen by the US federal government, and used US military to do so only with unlawful orders and lies to our trusting soldiers and families, then we have strong arguments that all ensuing claims of the federal government are void because anything passed as so-called “law” in obvious violation to the US Constitution is void with zero legal force.

US land claims on this stolen land are closer to the argument, “All land is the King’s land” than comprehensively truthful public consideration of what is and is not in the public’s best interests under a representative democratic republic of limited government under the US Constitution. US key policies are also far closer to fascism than a republic limited under law.

3. US “leaders” lie to hoard CAFR trillions in taxpayer assets while demanding our austerity: Government Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) reveal trillions in held taxpayer assets. For example, California’s 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report with the state’s 12 million households (22-minute television interview to explain this data here) reveal:

CAFR Reports:
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