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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Israel Likely to Attack America Again: Anna O'Leary

Wed Apr 2, 2014

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A political commentator says Israel is likely to attack the United States again because its nuclear weapons are in the hands of a “very unstable leadership.”

“Israel based on its past records is likely to attack America again,” Anna O’Leary told Press TV on Wednesday.

The comments were made one day after US Secretary of State John Kerry cancelled his planned trip to the West Bank city of Ramallah after TelAviv announced plans to build more illegal settlement on the occupied Palestinian land.

Israel also refused to release Palestinian prisoners, which was agreed as part of efforts to resume the so-called peace talks after a three-year break.

“The US should be looking now to disarm Israel because its nuclear weapons are in the hands of a very unstable leadership,” she added.

“A leadership without ethics, without conscious, a leadership that has attacked the USS Liberty, the intelligence governing ship of the Americans in international waters, in 1967. The US was attacked in 1967 and they tried to sink the ship and they killed 34 American servicemen and they made the rest of the American survivors swear to secrecy,” the analyst said. 

“The world is in a situation where we are at risk of a nuclear attack by Israel at any point,” she said. “The world risks a terrible nuclear disaster.”

O’Leary also criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for ignoring the US government. 

“He can insult the American president. He can argue with the American government and Americans can do nothing,” she said.

“He has got AIPAC in power there and other Jewish lobbies ready to fund Congress to buy Congress to make sure Israel get to play and compel America to donate 11 million others everyday of the year to Israel,” the commentator said.