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Monday, April 7, 2014

▶ Rebutting Fox News' 'Surrendering America' Report (Subversive Con-Con Thrust by the Neocons) - YouTube

We all know politicians of both parties regard themselves as "ethical", i.e., knowing right from wrong. That being so why are they sneaks, liars, thieves, secretive, obfuscators, subversive, traitors, and  non-transparent? That is equivalent to them being without Morality. The schism here is them knowing, but not abiding, and that's where we-the-people come in.

Published on Apr 7, 2014

JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for April 7 - 13, 2014.

In this week's analysis behind the news video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses how a total of 34 states have applied to Congress over the past 50 years or so to call an Article V convention for proposing a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA), but that twelve of these states have rescinded (taken back) their applications leaving a total of just 22 "live" BBA Article V convention applications (34 states are required for Congress to call such a convention); and how FOX News' special show, "Surrendering America," regarding four areas of concern:

1. reduction of the army to pre-WWII levels; 
2. surrender of control of the Internet; 
3. abandonment of America's space program; and 
4. failure to fully exploit the nation's energy resources) was inadequate.