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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Exclusive footage: Ukraine Crisis Today: Democracy caught on camera (this will never be shown on mainstream media)

The more we become intellectually honest with ourselves, the more we come to realize why our street gangs, criminals and illegal immigrants become a vital element for our politicians to overthrow the American people. Note how those wanting to remain 'neutral' are especially attacked. As most of you know, anarchy is the top rung on the ladder to achieve totalitarian government.

May 042014 Posted by greydogg, 99GetSmart

[Exclusive footage] Rebirth of Fascism. U.S. warmongers along with EU/NATO politicians have installed (through violent, artificial revolution) a pro-fascist government in Ukraine and are now trying to start a civil war within the country.
Over 900,000 Ukrainians have already left the country within 2 months of EuroMaidan and fled to Russia. 2,500 fled to Belarus. This is just the beginning.
US / NATO  War Crimes in Ukraine @