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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Half of people living in Illinois and Connecticut want to get the hell out

Updated by Danielle Kurtzleben on April 30, 2014
Not every Chicagoan is as happy as this kid. Half of Illinoisans say they'd get out if they could. Getty Images

New data is out on the states people want to leave, and it's tailor-made to troll all your Facebook friends from Illinois and the northeastern Amtrak corridor.

Gallup asked people around the country whether they would move away from their states, given the chance. As it turns out, half of Illinois residents and 49 percent of all Connecticutians (Connecticutese? Connecticuters?) want to change states. In addition, it looks like a good chunk of the northeastern seaboard is just itching to pack up a U-Haul.

Montanans, Hawaiians, and Mainers are least likely to say they'd want to leave, with fewer than one-quarter of those residents saying they'd move. Altogether, only 33 percent of all Americans surveyed said they'd leave their current states.