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Saturday, October 11, 2014

How to Vote Absentee - Ballot Applications - ALL STATES


No more whining. Put down your crying towel, and do some light lifting for yourself and country. We just faxed our forms in to Charleston (SC) County.

This is our preferred method as it gives us time to do some digging for the candidate you want (outside of Party propaganda), or don’t want in there again. In fact, it may stir you to find out why understand what you DO want! 

You should be aware that the special interests, ie, the government-dependent feeders will be out there in force. [Example: government teacher unions to elect the school boards who negotiate their salary contracts which drive your property taxes!] 

Don’t be caught at the voting booth by not knowing ahead of time. Become a lobbyist yourself. If your neighbors need help, show them, too.

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