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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Newsweek: "Israel spying on the US"

Newsweek: "Israel spying on the US"
News? Really?
This report is from 2001

Be very sure no US politician would ever reveal anything substantive about the Israel government spying on Americans or even colluding with our own spy agencies. Our congress would never blow the whistle on who pays them: LIST

More than you wanna know about Amdocs, NSA, CIA, and more:

Thirteen years later, Newsweek wakes up

It's big news in the US now, sort of.

Newsweek published a high level report on Israeli spying on the US in the pages of their magazine.

Just one problem.

It's 2014.

Aggressive spying on the US by Israel has been known since at least 2001 - and actually much, much earlier.

Before we run the current story, we thought we'd dig up the Fox report from 2001 - from thirteen years ago.

Aren't you glad someone is paying attention and remembering?