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Thursday, June 26, 2014

ICLOAK Creates Revolutionary Way To Take Internet Privacy Into Your Own Hands

Now, this creation seems intriguing!

By: Ben Swann Jun 26, 2014

In this era of government spying, some are asking, “Where is the free market solution?” It is a fair question when you consider that in most other points in American history, the market responds to the public’s needs when government won’t or when big corporations refuse. That is exactly what is happening with our state of affairs when it comes to government monitoring of correspondence and movement of U.S. citizens.

In fact, there are free market solutions being developed. Among those, one of the most promising, a brand new product that kicked off its crowd funding campaign Wednesday. The company, Digithinkit is unveiling its newest protection device, ICLOAK. Eric Delisle, the CEO of Digithinkit sat down exclusively for a video interview with

“The ICLOAK stik, which is the product we are just getting ready to launch is a tool that allows the non-technical computer user to take this little USB drive and stick it into any computer, a Mac or PC and when they reboot the computer it loads a live operating system into their RAM. So it actually works like a whole other computer and because of that allows us to put all of the pieces in place to make you completely anonymous online”
says Delisle.

The concept is a simple one. The ICLOAK stik simply disguises your computer’s IP address, the method by which internet providers and the government monitor and track behavior online. Delisle, who grew up a Republican, became a Ron Paul supporter and like so many Americans got the inspiration for the product after first witnessing what happened to Bradley Manning and hearing the Snowden revelations a year ago.

“I realized that I wanted to do something to help. Being a software developer and knowing how to do this kind of stuff, I wanted to create something that non-technical people could use to protect themselves” says Delisle.

Of course, the big question when it comes to any product like this, how do you know it is safe. Who’s to say that Digithinkit isn’t just a company working as a government contractor? Delisle says that he has opened up his technology to the Tor Project. In fact, ICLOAK will become the first ever Tor Certified product on the market.

“With the ICLOAK stik there will be Tor relays, that you can put on your regular computers and help build that network, because the more computers there are on the Tor network, the better it is for everybody. It creates more privacy and more bandwidth.” “(the Tor Project) will literally be taking all of our code, looking through the architecture, testing it, making sure it isn’t leaking any information or any data that you don’t want to be leaked.”

Wednesday, Delisle kicked off the icloak Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to raise $75,000 over the next 30 days.
The bulk of that money really is for the production of the unit. We will order our first large order of the units. And its for the testing. We want to make sure this product is tested on as many hardware devices as possible to make sure that when it gets out to people’s hands it works the way it is supposed to”

You can contribute to the ICLOAK Kickstarter Campaign and as part of the rewards, you are able to receive your very own ICLOAK stick.

The ultimate goal here, Delisle says, is to give computer users the ability to protect themselves rather than having to trust some internet provider for your privacy.

“We are trying very hard with everything we talk about here and with everything we are doing to put trust in the hands of the user. We have started to coin the phrase, confidis te ipsum, and in Latin it would mean, trust thyself. So rather than having to trust some service provider who you don’t know that’s in some far away place, we’re trying to provide all the resources for the consumer to be able to check it all out themselves.”
via benswann