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Thursday, August 28, 2014

City Council to Police: You Have 60 Days to Get Rid of Your MRAP Military Tank

Local city councils are thankfully coming to the realization that these fedgov's 'benevolent' gifts of war weapons are a back door sneak attack to federalize the people's local police. The City of Davis didn't fall for it. Hats off to these folks! Future cities must refuse these 'trojan horses' at the door and stamp any delivery papers "RETURN TO SENDER."

Demanding their state's national guard units be brought home right away is what the governors should be doing with no more foot dragging.

Melissa Melton The Daily Sheeple
August 28th, 2014

Apparently not all city councils are thrilled with the idea of their local police department driving around "protecting" their streets with mine resistant, ambush protected vehicles straight off the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The city council of Davis, California, a town of about 66,000 people near Sacramento, has now adopted a resolution to "tank the tank" as one protester put it, after a large crowd of concerned citizens showed up to the council's most recent meeting. CBS13 reports:
The vehicle, worth nearly $700,000 didn't cost the Davis Police Department a dime, as it was acquired through a federal government surplus program. The MRAP was developed by the military for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. After Pentagon budget cuts, the vehicle has been making its way to local law enforcement…
A big concern for protesters is the vehicle could be used to quash peaceful protests and demonstrations, especially in light of clashes between heavily-armored police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting death of Michael Brown.
Of course the police chief argued that they really need an MRAP, since apparently all police chiefs around the country have been brainwashed to believe that, even though crime rates are at the lowest they've been in over 20 years, 'America is a war zone':
The chief promised specific guidelines for its use, and said like many police forces who now have the armored vehicles, it's a necessary piece of safety equipment.
"We enjoy a certain quality of life but none the less the real world intrudes upon us from time to time," Black said. [emphasis added]
Oh, so now we're to the level that a TANK is "necessary" to police America's streets???

Wow. Good to know.

I guess that's why the Pentagon has been giving these tanks out to towns like candy, even tiny towns with less than 4,000 people living in them…

In the meantime, GO PROTESTERS. More people across the nation need to stand up and protest the ever-growing police state and more city councils need to adopt these resolutions.

We need to take back our streets from the militarized soldiers our local police forces have been morphing into over the last two decades…before it is too late.
(H/T Chris Jones)

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