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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Enslaving Ourselves Doesn't Come Cheap even though We're Paying for It

So, they tell us congressional regulators have a handle on political contributions. The IRS scrutinizes tax-exempt PACs that we-the-taxpayers subsidize. Oh really. 

What if CBS wanted your house for a TV studio and 'convinced' your own city council which ruled that it would be benefit-in-common for the whole town. And because you disagreed, it would be distributed in parcels to CBS over five years. Each year the town's attorneys would send over the police demanding a slice of your land, and maybe your living room this year. Legal? You bet, decreed by the City council, and, by inference, "ethical". Moral? NOT ON YOUR LIFE, and you know it! Understand these methods and criminal legalizations by all levels of government and you get the idea of our gradual, but steady slide into poverty as serfs for the kingdom. You can't possibly retain your individual liberty, honest money in your pocket, eat what you want choosing where it comes from. The bone spurs in our skeletal frameworks are spawning in every bone. This is NOT under any interpretation the rule of law in compliance with the ideals of our Founders, and guaranteed by seal and sworn oath.

These numbers are for only one quarter, April thru June nearly one billion dollars!

You can trigger a COPD exacerbation attack, or just bring up your dinner for another sampling by surfing this site at your own discomfiture.

Overall Spending For Federal Lobbying
(4/1/14 - 6/30/14)
$ 812,237,959
Averages $270,745,986 per month.

Leading Sector Spending For Federal Lobbying (4/1/14 - 6/30/14)
1.Health Care$135,952,913
2.Finance, Insurance$99,696,295
3.Communication, Technology$96,285,525
4.Business - Retail, Services$75,891,342
5.Energy, Natural Resources$74,909,284
9.Real Estate/Construction$32,036,870
10.Single-Issue Groups$30,849,909
14.Organized Labor$10,670,030
16.Foreign Countries$4,542,830
18.Public Employees$1,970,633

Source: Political Money Line