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Monday, August 25, 2014

Gold and Silver Futures Margins Lowered by CME

Monday, August 25, 2014, 8:44 clock | Posted by Gold Reporter

Gold and silver futures speculators must deposit less money

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The speculation in gold and silver for re-appointment cheaper for traders.

The CME Group has reduced the margin requirements when trading gold and silver futures for the fourth time this year.

The operator of the US-commodity futures exchange Comex, the CME Group, has lowered the gold margins by the start of trading on Monday again by almost 15 percent. However, this applies only to the trade group of speculators.

When trading statements must now per 100-ounce contract only $ 5,060 deposited in the account of the respective distributors be (formerly $ 5,940). The Maintenance Margin (if a contract is held longer than one day) is reduced to $ 4,600 (formerly $ 5,400). The amounts secured for hedgers / members remain unchanged, so that the maintenance margin is now equal in both groups of traders.

The Silver margins for the 5,000-ounce contract fall by around 13 percent. Again, only speculators affected by the reduction and also the Maintenance Margins are now both dealer groups with $ 6,500 at the same height. As initial margin $ 7,150 (speculators) or $ 6,500 (Hedger / members) are now required.

The margins for smaller contract sizes have been adjusted downward. It is the fourth margin reduction this year in gold and silver.
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