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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Henry County, GA.: County Commissioners Notice of Pending Charges – Rebellion…Treason!

This may not be crafted in the legal prose we're accustomed to reading from the multi-million dollar jurists from upon their raised platforms, but you can be sure this presentation is presenting the case of millions of Americans who DO UNDERSTAND the Rule of Law. And there will be millions more throughout the country in short order. Let's read and watch this from scannedretina

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Henry County Chairman-elect Tommy Smith, surrounded by family and friends, takes the oath of office at the December 20 inauguration ceremony. Photo by Mickie Jackson

Henry County, Ga.:  County Commissioners Notice of Pending Charges – Rebellion…Treason! 

(Verification: Henry County, Ga.: County Commissioners Noticed)

Notice of Fraud to County Commissioners – Henry County, Ga.

"As a lawful nation, upon the discovery of a gross violation of our Constitution, regardless of the timing, the damage must be immediately repaired…not debated.  There is nothing to debate; there is only to act!"

Aside from everything else on everyone's plate at the moment, we must call for justice to be done and right now!  

Misprision of a Felony

Misprision of a felony is the offense of failure to inform government authorities of a felony that a person knows about. A person commits the crime of misprision of a felony if that person:

  • Knows of a federal crime that the person has witnessed or that has come to the person's attention, or failed to prevent.
  • Fails to report it to a federal judge or other federal official (who is not themselves involved in the crime).

Georgia made it well known: There is no 14th Amendment

Another rejection of 14th Amendment Cong_Record_June_13_1967

Any unconstitutional statement within a law…the whole law is unconstitutional…"

More evidence of the fraud….

Documented Material provided courtesy of Mr. Bruce Ray Riggs.

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