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Friday, August 8, 2014

Obama Administration Bullies Banks To Cut Ties With Gun Dealers - South Carolina

Realizing that the "red state" of  SC poses no threat to radical Constitution usurpation of the people's liberties it's a good state to slam early on. Nullifying un-Constitutional trespasses is an unknown principle to our elected, be they city, county, or state reps. Bring the tyranny on - our neoconservative Republican legislature is impotent. Your wish is their command, sire!

by: Joshua Cook Aug 8, 2014 It happened to a pawn shop in South Carolina. Inman Gun & Pawn was forced to close two of its checking accounts due to Operation Choke Point, which is an Obama Administration effort to hinder financial fraud.


But the Obama Administration is using a broad brush to define what constitutes fraud and is instead using executive powers through the Department of Justice to shut down businesses that Obama finds unsavory like gun sales.

"We had an excellent relationship. We had ample funds in the accounts to do anything that we needed to do," said Morris Williams of Inman Gun & Pawn in Spartanburg County, S.C. "We thought everything was just wonderful until we received this letter."

The letter states that due to the rules and regulations for deposit accounts, the bank, Suntrust Bank, asked Williams to close two of his accounts.

"The only thing that they will tell us is that we have been deemed a prohibited business type," he said.

Local news reported that prohibited businesses include weapon sales, pornography, bankruptcy lawyers and psychic services.

"We asked our local branch manager and we have asked corporate and what basis did they make this decision?" He asked.

The answer he got was that businesses like his cost more to facilitate and have more risk associated with them.

Thankfully, Williams has already found a new bank. But, why should he have to? Is this another attempt by the Obama administration to implement back door gun control?

Watch the video below that explains Operation Choke Point:

source benswann

Anyone living nearby one of SunTrust's board members or executives might want to have a chat with him: