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Monday, August 11, 2014

Swiss Kid Explains Ukrainian Gold Transport By US

This young Ukrainian fella poses some solid queries which go right to the core of US interference in the affairs of others. 

Were the Ukrainian people's gold reserves surrendered to the NY bankers as he hypothesizes?   

Where is the gold now and what were terms of surrender? It's a good bet it went the way of Germany's gold reserves -

Published: 11-08-2014 20:03

On Jugend-TV, a website that provides a stage for juveniles to present news, 17 year old Michael from Switzerland explains how the US took the sovereign gold reserves of the Ukraine in the turmoil that erupted after president Yanukovich had resigned. 

Translated by David van der Linden
(If the English captions don't appear, click on the  tiny white "cc" icon in lower right of screen)

Full transcript:

Geheimtransport Ukrainischen Goldreserven in die USA

Hello everybody, welcome to Jugend-TV. We will be discussing the secret transportation of the Ukrainian gold reserves to the USA.

As one is told every day, there is great unrest in the Ukraine. It all started when the media blamed the former president Yanukovych of mass murder. He fled because of these accusations.

The open spot was taken by a new government, but not democratically, like the former president Yankovych. The new regime simply chose itself as the new government.

A Ukrainian news station reported the following:

"The new Ukrainian regime in Kiev, which has not been democratically chosen, performed the transport of the country's gold reserves in early March."

At night, the reserves were flown to the USA. The gold was hastily loaded from trucks onto a plane. The trucks had no registration plates, and the men who performed the loading were dressed in black and were armed! The plane with the valuable cargo then took off from the northern runway.

The Ukraine's gold reserves weigh in at 42.3 tonnes, and are worth 1.3 billion Euros. A leading figure of the former ministry of finance has confirmed that this transport actually took place. It all sounds very much like a crime, since the men performing the loading had to be armed, the trucks were not allowed to be recognized and the plane took off from the northern runway.

One wonders who the people in the new regime in Kiev are, and do the Ukrainian citizens really want a government that simply gives away national assets?

I believe that if the gold had been transported to the Russian capital, Moscow, there would have been a huge uproar from the mass media.

Now that the gold has been brought to the USA, nobody utters a word, and it is precisely therefore that we report on the topic, so that these things are brought to light.

Many thanks for spreading our news further! Ciao, have a good one!
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