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Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Jew in the 'service' of the Reich

Don’t get confused by the title of this post. In fact, more than 150,000 German Jews in addition to the Jewish terrorist groups were in the ‘service’ of the Reich between 1933 t0 1945.

The A Jew in the ‘service’ of the Reich is the autobiography of a Ukrainian-born Russian Jew spy Jacob Ingerman. Ingerman infiltrated Nazi Army during WW II and spied for the Red Army.

Very few Americans know the American Communist Party, dominated by Jews lobbied for USSR. Party’s secretary Earl Browder, a Christian Zionist married to Zionist Jew Raissa Berkmann was known for recruiting spies for the Soviet. Two of those spies, a Jewish couple, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed on April 5, 1953 for passing on atomic secrets to Russia.

Judith Socolov (aka Judith Coplon), an employee at US State Department in 1949 – was arrested for passing-on classified documents to a USSR agent Valetin Gubitchev, whom she claimed to be her lover. She was convicted but under pressure from the powerful Jewish groups – the case against her was dropped by US Justice Department in 1967 (you bet your $ it would not had happened if she had been a Muslim). Even the appeal court judge who overturned her conviction on technical ground believed she was guilty of espionage.

Several other American Jews have been investigated for spying for foreign countries, but thanks to the powerful Jewish lobby groups, they got scot free.

During the so-called ‘Cold War’, a significant numbers of espionage operative on both sides happened to be Jewish, including Andhi Fineberg, a member of American Jewish Committee, Harry Gold, David Greenglass, Martin Sobell, Harry Magdoff and millionaire Armand Hammer.
The two American Jews Jonathan Pollard and Alan Gross are currently serving jails in United States and Cuba on charges of spying for Israel. Their “persecution” have affected Washington foreign policy toward Middle East and South America. Israeli government and American Jewish Lobby have pressured every US president to get them released from jail so they can take residence in Israel. Both have been given Israeli citizenship.  
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