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Friday, September 19, 2014

BREAKING: Governor Defies Obama and Refuses to House Illegals

'Bout time at least one state has taken a step to protect its citizens from the Washington tyranny. Go Iowa!

BREAKING: Governor Defies Obama and Refuses to House Illegals

The opposition against President Obama continues to rise, as more Americans, both in politics and out, are starting to see through the border crisis, recognizing it’s a ploy to help Obama once again break the law, bypass Congress, and implement his agenda.

States at the border are experiencing heavy economic strain as local communities struggle to come up with funds and other resources to support the influx of illegals flooding into the U.S.

While many people think that the immigration crisis only impacts those states that are along the border, recent developments in states like Michigan prove otherwise.

Obama’s plan to orchestrate this invasion of illegals includes transporting these individuals all across the country to be housed in shelters established in communities both large and small. No one is exempt, and no one is safe.

Gov. Terry Branstad of Iowa has decided not to play Obama’s game, refusing to house illegals in his state.