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Friday, September 19, 2014

Get College Credit For Going Socialist ... And Recruiting Others

I don't believe the colleges have failed one bit from churning out socialist graduates. Look at your own college-educated child for the finished product (exceptions noted). What more could these Marxist academics achieve by altering the curriculum?

"Sick of politics as usual? Questioning capitalism? You are not alone!"

9.18.2014 Caleb Howe

It is a long-standing and often repeated lament on the right that academia and college campuses are self-declared enemies of conservative thinking broadly, and the Republican party specifically, and in a treacherous but overt and unrepentant manner. So it comes as no surprise to website The College Fix that some colleges are offering course credit for promoting socialist causes and participating in socialist recruitment on campus. Not a surprise, but still an outrage.
Young Democratic Socialists (YDS) are coordinating with administrators to help YDS Leader program participants get college credit for their activities. According to The Fix, activities which mirror those on the other side, like working with the Young Republicans, do not  earn course credit. The information is plainly outlined at the YDS website.
Democratic Socialists of America's National Director told The Fix that this is a standard arrangement, saying "“As you may be aware, many schools have programs where a student finds an internship with a non-profit, for-profit, or advocacy organization and is supervised by an academic adviser." 

However, a particular case at USC illustrates where the problem is.
Derek Draplin writes:

But this arrangement prompted controversy recently at the University of Southern California, where an undergraduate adviser sent students word of the opportunity via the official political science department listserv.
 “Sick of politics as usual? Questioning capitalism? You are not alone! … We are currently looking for young, motivated democratic socialists to organize and lead active Young Democratic Socialists chapters at their colleges and universities,” the email stated.
The position was not described in the announcement as an internship, yet academic credit for the role was offered “for eligible students.”
 “Anyone else appalled that you can get USC-approved credit for an internship with the ‘Young Democratic Socialists?’” posted Alex Kludjian, a board member of USC College Republicans, on Facebook. In an email to The College Fix, he added it’s biased and absurd.
“Due to the overwhelming amount of Democrats in (Los Angeles) … it is not unusual to have more opportunities with liberal-leaning organizations,” Kludjian told The College Fix. “However, what is reprehensible is the fact that one could receive USC academic credit for a position that seemingly matches the work we as members of CRs or YAL do every day as volunteers.”
 Kludjian refers to the College Republicans and Young Americans for Liberty, campus groups that promote causes of a different bent that run counter to socialist ones.
The enticement of credit to attract unpaid interns to the socialist cause has a hilarious lack of self-awareness about it, as one student noted. "Young Democratic Socialists attempting to recruit interns for unpaid positions is the height of hypocrisy," USC student Jayel Aheram said. “You have to remember, these folks are the ones agitating for minimum wage and they can’t even give their own workers that?”
Shades of the summer of astroturf.
There is a great deal more detail at The College Fix, but there is a positive point to close on from Aherem. The socialist groups are forced to recruit through bribery and pressure. The conservative groups are doing just fine signing up willing volunteers. Free thinkers still eventually defeat group thinkers, even in that most oppressive of American atmospheres, the college campus.

full article: Truth Revolt