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Monday, September 15, 2014

Is Congress Becoming Obsolete?

Organizing Patriot Effectiveness on the Ground, Maybe the JBS Can Help

September 15, 2014

JBS Weekly Member Update  —

September 15, 2014

A quick discussion ensued in the regular Monday morning weekly meeting at the JBS home office in Appleton. As each staff member in attendance reported on various issues in the news, one member brought up the fact that in preparing for the next installment of "The Freedom Index", the staff was having a hard time in finding decent votes to critique Congress members.

Normally, staff would comb through hundreds of votes to be able to identify at least 10 constitutionally significant votes for each half year. However, very few of these votes have been passed since our July 2014 Freedom Index. The staff member suggested that Congress is appearing to do less and less, while the President has been doing more and more.

He pointed to the page length of the bills, the passing of continuous resolutions instead of a budget, and how the President has usurped much more responsibility from Congress.

According to the Constitution, Congress has an enormous responsibility, including all legislative powers (Article I, Section 1) and another 18 paragraphs of powers as spelled out in Article I, Section 8. Yet, Congress continues to allow many of its powers to be usurped by the executive and judicial branches of government, interrupting the fragile balance the founders sought.

Isn't this precisely why the federal government has grown so far outside of its constitutional limitations? Because the checks and balances that each branch is to perform is not being done. And if it's not being done, then why? Would we be out of line if we asked if this was mere happenstance or if this was being deliberately done? Being done to water down the effectiveness of the American Republic? Being done to create a larger crisis that gives the American people a reason to look to the international community for solutions?

Look to Washington today and ask yourself just who is interested in continuing this grand American experiment. Are we so far away from our constitutional moorings that we have passed the point of no return?

The John Birch Society doesn't think so, but yet where are the Constitutionalists, the patriots, and the true conservatives? As one of our Coordinators recently remarked on Facebook: When I go into a Congressional district to organize active member Chapters, I find there are easily more than enough concerned Americans to make a difference in restoring the Republic.

Yet, without this leadership, those activists usually do not reach their potential and end up burning out and becoming disengaged.

The John Birch Society provides this leadership and an active plan for restoring government to its rightful role so Americans can flourish or fail according to their own efforts. With your help, we can do this. Join today!

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