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Monday, January 19, 2015

Is Political Party Disloyalty a Bad Thing?

September 22, 2014

Is Party Disloyalty a Bad Thing?

When browsing through multiple sites looking for posts for our Facebook page, we came across an article on titled, "Report: GOP Leadership Considering Rules to Punish Party Disloyalty."
Perhaps much like yourself, we started thinking that maybe this would be a good thing. After all, the Republican party should be standing on such principles as constitutionally limited government, individual responsibility, and protection of God-given rights. Unfortunately, the leadership of the GOP only masquerades as the party of these principles. Perhaps some punishment is in order for those that continue to advocate and vote for a stronger centralized government (mainly through the neo-conservatives and RINOs) in exchange for individual liberties. But that's not the GOP focus.
The GOP is proposing to punish members of its party who do not vote for their pick of Speaker of the House. Punishment includes a stripping of committee assignments. And cited as the reason is to make it appear as though the party is united. Well now, for a party that is supposed to stand for individual rights, where does the hypocrisy end? How many of those committees are tied to unconstitutional federal departments?
Bottom line is that when any party strays away from the confines of constitutional government, an educated electorate should and must stand up to correct its direction.
The John Birch Society does not endorse political candidates or parties, but on their own, members are free to be as involved in partisan politics as they want.
Join today to raise an educated electorate that will bring back constitutional limitations.

The GOP has strayed far from its limited government and individual liberty principles.
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