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Monday, September 15, 2014

Israel says NO to American “Alliance against ISIS”

from Rehmat's World, 09.15.14:

Thanks to John Kerry's "diplomatic drive" and Obama's arm twisting of America's Arab allies next-door to the Zionist entity, ten Arab League members have agreed to bankroll Obama's pledge to "ultimate degrade and destroy Israeli terrorists or ISIS. 

However, Kerry forgot asked America's top regional ally Israel to join Zionist plan to occupy both Syria and Iraq under the cover of fighting ISIS. In addition, Washington has also asked Germany, France, Britain, Canada and Australia to join the coalition.

The Jewish media has given full support to Obama's $500 million funds to rebels, allied to ISIS in the past, and Baghdad to continue their fight against Bashar al-Assad and ISIS. However, it has cautioned to let Israel's neighbors, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to lead the fight against ISIS as the "terrorist militia" poses greater threat to them and not Israel.

The Zionists' agenda is to let Muslims kill fellow Muslims while destroying any future military resistance to the Zionist entity.

"Washington should try a new approach. The US should leave fight to those actually threatened by the enemy du jour, ISIS. In this case ISIS. Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, in particular, should act to degrade the Islamic group's capabilities, shrink its territory, and defeat it, as the president hopes to do," wrote Doug Bandow in an Op-Ed in Jewish Forbe magazine on September 13, 2014.

Professor Noah Smith (Stony Brook University) in a column at the Jewish Valley News on September 10, 2014, advised Barack Obama to bring on board Iran to fight ISIS, as Iran and Turkey are the only regional powers which can defeat ISIS. According to good Jewish professor, since Turkey is not a trusted ally of the United States, Iran must be embraced by every possible mean to join the bloody war against ISIS. Smith says that none of America's Arab allies have the military power and guts to defeat ISIS.

"US aerial firepower and Iranian troops could defeat ISIS, but more crucially, Iran is also in a position to stabilize the region. Assad is a monster, but if the United States and Iran were allied, he might be pressured into sharing power with the anti-ISIS rebels after ISIS goes down; as it is, our unrelenting commitment to get rid of Assad is assuring that Syria will remain in a state of anarchy, a vacuum that only an ISIS-type entity will ever fill. If anyone can pressure both Assad and the Iraqi Shiites into sharing power with local Sunnis, it's an American-Iranian duo," said Smith.

The ISIL or ISIS is an Israeli Project given birth in United States in 2007. Like the 9/11 and 2003 Iraq War, Israel First Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham played a significant part in nursing this anti-Muslim Zionist monster. Read the whole story here.

Listen to Lebanese academic and author of several books on Iran, Hizbullah and Syria, Amal Abdo Saad-Ghorayeb interview with the RT on Obama's strategy against ISIS below.

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