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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dollar Going Supernova then Black-Rob Kirby


By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Derivative and gold expert Rob Kirby says the U.S. looks a lot like the run up to the fall of Rome more than 1,500 years ago.  Kirby explains, “The parallels with what we are experiencing today are so clear and so much like what was happening in Rome as Rome was falling.  Diversions were the way of the day, anything to divert people’s attention from the undermining of the empire.  It was largely a financial debasement.  Rome fell when they debased the currency.  That’s the major factor behind the fall of the Roman Empire.  It was the debasement of the currency, and we are seeing the same thing today.  What’s at the heart of all these issues?  What’s at the heart of all the trouble in the world right now?  The world’s reserve currency has been debased to the point that it is going to go supernova.  

This is the whole illusion behind the strength of the dollar.  The dollar isn’t getting stronger, just like stars aren’t going to have longevity when they go supernova.  They get brighter and you might think the star is getting more viable when, in reality, the notion of it getting really bright before it goes supernova is exactly the opposite of the illusion of it getting brighter.  It’s what happens just before it goes black and dies.”

When will the powers that be pull the plug?  Kirby says, “They won’t willingly pull the plug.  What they are looking to do is create a diversion where they can pose themselves as the savior.  People refer to it as problem, reaction, solution.  They create a false flag to create a diversion of the underlying real problem, which is the debasement of the currency, and then they pose as the saviors or the Johnny-on-the-spot with the solution to the false flag that has been manufactured. Through this process, people tend to lose their civil liberties and their freedoms and their ability to be an opposition of any kind.”

On gold and silver prices, Kirby knows the prices are heading up despite the recent knock down in prices for both metals.  Why is he so bullish?  Kirby says, “The reason I say this is because I know people that are in the business of procuring (physical gold and silver) massive amounts with mega money behind them in the physical market, and I know these people are still accumulating everything they can lay their hands on.  

They can’t lay their hands on enough (metal) to satiate the resources they have to work in that area.  Their ability to acquire physical metal is becoming harder and harder and harder as time goes on.  This is in spite of paper prices being knocked down.  It is in spite of business networks in the mainstream media . . . erroneously report that people want less physical bullion, and that’s why the price is going down.  That is a lie.  The reality is people who are in the market for physical metal can’t get enough.  It is being misreported, and we are being sold a bill of goods by our mainstream media.   The mainstream media is in bed with the ruling elites.  At the end of the day, physical metal will trump the paper.”

When does the paper manipulation in the gold and silver markets end?  Kirby says, “I still think we see major dislocations before the end of the year.  I believe people who have contracted for physical metal are going to be denied their deliveries before the end of the year.  I think this will go very public, and it’s going to lay bare the abject fraud that has been occurring with the smash down in the paper price (of gold and silver.)  The disconnect between the paper price and the lack of physical metal is going to manifest itself in a big way before the end of the year.”  Kirby goes on to say that when gold and silver bullion contracts go unfilled with physical metal, the jilted buyers will go public in a big way, and Kirby predicts, “That’s how it ends, and I think it comes this year. . . . I do think the fuse is that short now.”

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Kirby says, “Something is going to break and crash the financial system, cause WWIII or both.”  Kirby says he can think of at least 10 things that could be the trigger for this calamity.
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