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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Entrepreneur Creates Super Low Cost, Cashless Grocery

This can work, but only if the government is blocked from any regulation, direct or indirectly through surrogates. We await patiently for the corporate lobbyists to get the government to come down hard on GoodWill stores. We are not optimistic state legislatures will nullify federal intrusion laws. We still have many, many miles to go before we sleep.


By: Joshua Cook Oct 22, 2014


An entrepreneur in Great Britain is creating the first cashless supermarket, appealing to people on government aid and in poorly-paid jobs.

Stelios Haji-Ioannou is the creator of easyFoodstore budget supermarket. He also created bargain airline easyJet and windowless rooms at easyHotel.

The no-frills food and service will also eventually not take cash. A spokesperson for the store told the Daily Mail that its easier to process card payments than to cash up every day and pay a security firm to bank it.

The company also said that to compete with stores like ALDI the wages will be low.

‘We are aiming to be a low-cost supermarket so we need to keep costs low, property rent has got to be low, stock prices have got to be low and, inevitably, we will be looking towards the bottom end of the salary scale for employees,” said a spokesman.

And the cost will be incredibly low.

All goods will be unbranded ‘with white labels’ and will cost an average of 50p per item.

It will sell frozen and dried food, and only a few fresh items such as milk, bread and possibly fruit.

Do you think America could use a store like this? Please comment below.

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