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Friday, October 17, 2014


Al Cronkrite

Much of the thought about the roles of Church and State assumes that those who reject God function in a religious void.
What if a religious void does not exist?  What if every human being centers faith in something making everyone religious?  What if the distinction isn’t to believe in God or not to believe in God but which god?  What if when a government refuses to submit to the Creator of the Universe it simple takes His place and becomes the de facto deity?
If the Creator of the Universe is sovereign He controls His creation; He makes the laws, selects His servants, and determines right and wrong! 
When the government makes the laws, selects its servants and determines right and wrong is it not functioning as a deity?  Might the same be said of an individual?  When law is determined by human beings are they then not functioning as gods?
What if when we reject the Creator and His Law we are not rejecting religion but only changing to another deity?
Most Christian religions consider the Bible to be God’s Word but they reserve the right to select what parts they believe and what parts they reject.  Few read God’s Word as a legal document that sets forth the Will of God on every page.  Few actually believe that God created the world and everything in it in seven days and that He is sovereign and in charge of His creation; that Christians are a chosen people, selected just as God selected His servants throughout the Bible.
What if the dominate religion in the United States is humanism – where the creature rather than the creator makes the laws and determines right and wrong both individually and as an elected government official?
There will be no change in the direction of government until there is a change in the moral standards of our society.  Immoral people require tyrannical government.  Policemen become brutal and oppressive when society is disobedient and rebellious.  Government becomes tyrannical because it is not tied down by an immutable legal standard.
An immoral populace votes for lying representatives and lying representatives depend on an immoral populace.
We are living in a nation that is ostensibly governed by a document created by the hands and minds of men with no reference to the Will or Law of an Overarching Deity.  Freedom of religion is encoded within its pages and provisions for taxing citizens.
The unrestrained ability to tax puts the ability to destroy in the hands of an agency that has always used its power.
Freedom of religion means that all religions are welcome; including Islam.  Islam, however, is not the major problem.  The major problem is the religion of humanism where the godhead is centered in the minds of men and the majority of the world is populated by human gods who are in constant conflict. 
When the Constitution attempted to create a neutral government by banning the promotion of religion they set up a humanistic government restrained by what President George W. Bush described as a g— d----- piece of paper.
Fallen humanity is not able to govern itself.  Peace and prosperity will never become reality until the American people understand that they and the government they create must be bound by God’s Law. 
All of the players who seek the throne of the United States of America are power seekers.  All will use the power to coerce.   History overflows with humanistic power centers that have enslaved, tortured, and murdered their subjects.  Revolutions are fomented by individuals who believe they have the proper solution.  They will coerce.  All proffer opinions are latent coercers.
Tyrants come from both secular and religious perspectives.  The intent to promote religion can become tyrannical as easily as the intent to ensure secularism.  It is the accumulation of unrestrained power in the hands of self-righteous humans that is dangerous.
When power is sought by the state the productivity of the society is sacrificed.  In the quest to garner and maintain power the productivity of society is lost.  Coerced citizens make slovenly workers. 
When both the state and the citizens are restrained by God’s Law the freedom that results allows society to produce abundance.  Power is willingly granted to the Righteous God and His unchanging legal standards govern His creation.  That is the road to peace and prosperity; the only road!
R. J. Rushdoony writes, “The state can never rise above its moral level.  If it rules by man-made law, promotes abortion, homosexuality, and humanism, the level it seeks will be steadily lower unless Christians reverse the trend.” 
It is not surprising that we have legalized abortion and homosexuality.  Our society is a fiat society; we have a fiat currency, we have fiat law, we have fiat representatives, and a fiat President.  Nothing is set on a sound, immutable foundation.  Our currency is controlled by the avarice of human power, our laws are set by pagan lawyers using faulty human reasoning, our elected officials act in their own private interests instead of those of their constituents, and our President failing to protect the people instead enhances the interests of the power brokers.  It is total confusion!
A Republican landslide will not solve our problem; it will only bring us more of the same – government interference in our private lives, government coercion of Christians, perpetual war, irrational immigration, world government, and lies upon lies, upon lies.
“Fiat money, --- means a constantly changing standard of measurement; the whole economy is thereby falsified and rendered unjust.  The same is true of fiat laws, whether in church, state, or any other realm.  Fiat or man-made laws simply enact injustice and codify it into the life of a society.  Man-made laws are false measures.  Fiat money and laws make all of a society’s operations move steadily from justice to injustice.  All laws legalizing abortion and homosexuality, thus, represent false measures and injustice.” R. J. Rushdoony
Political solutions are useless, we are involved in a religious war that requires a religious solution; anything else will steepen the slope into confusion and morbidity.