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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Iran is the Only Defender of Palestinian Rights

Posted on November 30, 2014
The real reason for Israel’s simmering hostility toward Iran is Palestine. Now that most of the feeble Arab states have been removed from the former anti-Israel coalition, the only remaining stalwart defender of Palestinian rights – an opponent of Israel’s total absorption of the West Bank and Golan – is Iran,” Eric Margolis, US-Canadian veteran journalist and author, posted on November 29, 2014.

If the (US-Iran nuclear) deal is sabotaged, and if I was an Iranian, I would want my government to develop and possess a nuclear bomb or two for the purpose of deterrence. 

My logic would be that if Saddam Hussein had possessed nuclear weapons Iraq would not have been attacked and invaded. And that’s a logic that might well prevail in Iran if an agreement with the P5+1 is sabotaged,” Alan Hart, veteran British war correspondent and author, posted on November 29, 2014.

No matter how much Iranian government agrees to Washington’s demands, nothing will satisfy Israel other than a US-Iran war. The US and Israel, two terrorist states, want a Western-puppet regime in Iran,” Steve Lendman, American Jewish writer and radio talk-show host.

Joe Cirincione, president Ploughshares Fund, a global anti-nuclear arms advocacy group and author of ‘Nuclear Nightmares’, said: “These talks are an historic opportunity to prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb and prevent another war in the Middle East. Diplomacy is working. Under the interim agreement, Iran froze and rolled back its nuclear activities. Under the extension, Iran’s nuclear program remains frozen. That’s a win for the US and our allies.”

Iran is the only Muslim country which had supported the freedom-fighters in several countries, such as, Palestine, Bosnia, apartheid South Africa, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Sudan. The military, financial and moral support to oppressed people around the world is enshrined in the Constitution (Article 3) of the Islamic Republic.

The expansion and strengthening of Islamic brotherhood and cooperation among all, and unsparing support to oppressed of the world,” it says, while Article 154 calls for support “of the just struggles of the oppressed against the arrogant in every corner of the globe“.

While every professional Zionist liar never stop repeating anti-Hamas mantra that group’s founding charter calls for the destruction (read “recovery of Arab stolen land”) of Israel. Here is something worth reading from Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party’s manifesto.

1. “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of state of Israel.”

2. “Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of state of Israel (not even recognized by the US, UN, EU or NAM) and only of Israel. The government will reject Palestinian demand to divide the city.” Jerusalem was divided by UNSC into Israeli West Jerusalem and Palestinian East Jerusalem in 1947.

3. “The government of Israel will flatly reject the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of Jordan river.”

4. “The Jewish communities in Judea, Samara (West Bank) and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. The settlement of the land is clear expression of the unassailable rights of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.” A Zionist Christians’ fantasy for the second-coming of Jesus.
Source Rehmat