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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Disgusted, Discouraged Republicans & Democrats Need a Rebirth of the Former Focolocos Party

Oh yeah? Well, why not. Both parties as they are now have had their the souls of their patriotic moral  fiber stolen out from under them decades and decades ago. The Democrats became the socialists of today while Republicans maintain, but expand their staff of the fascisti banner. Whomever "wins", the American people lose, whether by lesser evil or not, the people are passing along a government that rules by shrinking liberty for its future citizens.

Don't wait for someone else to "invite" you to join. No more of this Blue state/Red state discriminated labeling nonsense. Just your moral behavior, becoming informed yourself, and understanding of our rule of law will win converts for liberty. Disengage from a single issue focus viewpoint. Grab onto Nullification as your foremost tool against an unlawful government. And by any measure, you don't want any phreakin Constitution Convention to accomplish this meld - - your liberties will die on the surgical table.

Locofoco Party

Locofoco Party, in U.S. history, radical wing of the Democratic Party, organized in New York City in 1835. Made up primarily of workingmen and reformers, the Locofocos were opposed to state banks, monopolies, paper money, tariffs, and generally any financial policies that seemed to them antidemocratic and conducive to special privilege. Originally named the Equal Rights Party, the group became known as the Locofocos (which was later derisively applied by political opponents to all Democrats) when Democratic Party regulars in New York turned off the gaslights to oust the radicals from a Tammany Hall nominating meeting. The radicals responded by lighting candles with the new self-igniting friction matches known as locofocos and proceeded to nominate their own slate.
Never a national party, the Locofocos reached their peak when President Van Buren urged and Congress passed (July 4, 1840) the Independent Treasury Act, which fulfilled the primary Locofoco aim: complete separation of government from banking. After 1840 Locofoco political influence was largely confined to New York, and by the end of the decade many Locofocos were allied with the Barnburner Democrats, who eventually left the party over the slavery-extension issue.

This  1840'ish cartoon can be enlarged for better viewing: