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Friday, December 12, 2014

Government corruption: Dismantling the Post Office

While the crooked and immoral capitalists are the powers behind the evisceration of our Constitutional rule of law, focusing on their means is of a much greater concern. Lobbying (buying) the states for a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) by the American fascisti would be the coup de grĂ¢ce for our Republic as we know it. The US Post Office IS one of the few fedgov agencies authorized by our Constitution. Let’s keep it so.

And what happens to privacy now?

Though postal work used to be a uplifting career with great opportunities, in the modern economy workers are being pushed too hard to keep up with other communication mediums. 

The industry, like many, favors the interests of big business before the interests of its own employees. This has led to unprecedented amounts of stress in the postal environment, sometimes leading to homicide and suicide.

The documentary “Gone Postal” hopes to get the message out that the postal industry - and its workers - needs to be saved.

Note: Users of the postal service are guaranteed privacy of communication by statute. Users of FedEx, UPS, and digital communication are not.