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Saturday, January 17, 2015

The U.S. Dollar, the Amero and Gold

It's been awhile since our jailers have brought up the Amero. Somewhat more commentary on the SPP. But, anyway, it's not dead just comatose until needed while some more global housecleaning is ongoing by the NWO. 

With Heidi, wife of Ted Cruz heading the NAU group for Goldman Sachs  it's is a good bet, they're planning Ted Cruz (US citizen or not) to become our next president for a smoother transition to a globalist one world order.

January 2015

The latest concern about proposed new North American Union currency (the "amero") was prompted by a major worldwide U.S. dollar sell-off which will soon accelerate as the U.S. prints trillions for bank bailouts.

Recently the dollar fell below the Canada's dollar, what's next?
Will the Mexican peso surpass the dollar too? Read on to find out...

The idea of a North American Union connecting Canada, the United States and Mexico into a super-regional political/economic entity has already sparked a firestorm of public concern.

"The Security and Prosperity Partnership is not just unconstitutional, but an act of treason committed at the highest levels, one that must be stopped before the U.S.A., as a free and sovereign nation fades into history," says Dr. Jerome Corsi.

While the mass media has ignored, laughed-off, or even ridiculed the negative impact of the dollar’s slide over the last five years, Americans are now growing concerned about the dollar's future. Especially when a prominent London investment banker urges CNBC viewers to move away from the dollar toward a new North American currency such as the "Amero".

financial"New World Financial Order" summit
The United States hosted a summit of the G-20 leaders to discuss the underlying causes of the credit crisis and start developing principles of global reform for financial regulators and institutions.

"France’s president Nicholas Sarkozy is trying to organize a New World Financial Order... based on something other than the dollar. Perhaps the biggest delusion of the financial world now is that the dollar... and dollar-based Treasury obligations... are a safe refuge. In an emergency, the government can always just print up the money. But that’s the problem. An emergency is coming," reports Daily Reckoning.

"Asian and European countries should banish the U.S. dollar from their direct trade relations, relying only on their own currencies, said a front-page commentary in the People's Daily. A meeting between Asian and European leaders in Beijing presents the perfect opportunity to begin building a new international financial order," reports Reuters.

"This crisis is global in reach -- and addressing it will require agreeing on common principles to reform regulators which is essential to preventing another disaster," President Bush recently announced. Question: How can the nations of the world agree on "common principles to reform" given the wide diversity of worldviews each nation represents? This global credit meltdown is pushing the U.S. toward an "New Financial World Order" which seeks to replace free market principles with socialistic principles.

goldAmericans fear supra-national government, as did our Founders
What might a national currency debasement do to your net worth, already shrinking due to declining home prices, a stock market meltdown and a rising cost of living?

According to a recent Merrill Lynch note to clients:
“We’re in the beginnings of a global readjustment that will end the dollar’s dominance as the “gold standard” currency for the world’s economies. The dollar is likely entering a long, slow decline - followed by a crash," reports Financial Times.

Forbes magazine reports: "Strong Dollar, Strong Currency" is more than a mantra... economic history indicates that no country has ever achieved greatness nor maintained it by debasing its currency."

The problem with modern money is that it does not constitute a store of value. The only two assets that are money, and cannot fail during a credit crisis, are silver and gold. All fiat currencies eventually collapse because they do not constitute a store of value.

According to Swiss America CEO Craig R. Smith: "One major reason for the dollars systematic decline is our snowballing debts and deficits. Today the U.S. borrows $2.5b a day from other nations! Devaluing the dollar is one of the ways the financial markets correct our rising U.S. debt and deficits."

The truth is, government at all levels (as well as individuals) must begin to get debt under control before we can ever expect the value of the dollar to strengthen substantially. In the meantime, Mr. Smith advises converting some dollars into "anti-dollars" -- gold -- while prices are still reasonable. Smart investors are diversifying out of dollars and into gold -- a trend experts expect to continue for many years. rmp

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[Image: Commemorative amero coin design created by Daniel Carr]