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Monday, February 2, 2015

State Legislative Battles Heat Up

—  JBS Weekly Member Update  —
February 2, 2015
State Legislative Battles Heat Up

In the battle of controlling federal tyranny, state legislatures play a key role. The states have the responsibility of protecting its citizens from the overreaches of an unconstitutional federal government. And they have a number of tools at their disposal.

But getting the state legislature to stand up for the citizens usually requires some level of education on your part. First of all, legislators need to understand the federal government is limited in its role as spelled out in the Constitution. For instance, the responsibilities of the Congress, as originally delegated to it by the states in 1787, are housed in Article I, Section 8. According to the 10th Amendment, responsibilities outside of these limits are reserved to the states or the people.

With that simple understanding, state legislators should work toward countering Congress each time it ventures outside of its constitutional limitations. Unfortunately, states do not have a great history of standing up to the federal government. If they did, states would not be as financially dependent upon the federal government as 2012 Census data demonstrates: "State Budget Solutions found that all state governments combined received 31.6 percent of their general revenue from the federal government in 2012."

Realize that the role you play locally and in your state is much more important than any federal election will ever be. Right now, JBS members and supporters are working in each state to stop legislation antithetical to freedom. They are also educating legislators on their role and working to recruit others. If you're not involved, do so today! At the very least, start by signing up for our legislative alerts, so you can send your elected state and federal officials emails about what they should be supporting.

We have been closely monitoring states that are introducing resolutions to ask Congress to call a constitutional convention. Email alerts have been sent out to those in affected areas. Be sure to let your legislators know of your support for keeping the Constitution as written, instead of opening it up for rewrite. As history has proven, constitutional conventions cannot be controlled.

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