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Thursday, February 5, 2015


They are essentially advocating for the government to takeaway your right to your own body and children!

CNN IS LOBBYING FOR FORCED VACCINATIONS! This is scary. They are essentially advocating for the government to takeaway your right to your own body and children!

To do that CNN is using the fear tactic to scare people into more business for pharmaceutical companies. JUST COUNT HOW MANY DRUG COMMERCIALS YOU WILL SEE ON CNN TODAY ALONE AND TRY TO RECALL HOW MANY YOU’VE SEEN IN THE PAST. Remember Humera… Zorelto… and countless other drug advertisements that always end with a fast reading voice that talks about side effects which include nearly everything from diarrhea to death… How can anyone trust CNN now, when they are openly funded by the very companies that have the most to benefit from vaccines sales?

Let me be clear, while I do not deny that most vaccines work (so do steroids, antibiotics, hormone and chemical drugs, all with severe side-effects) I prefer to have the final say weather or not to have such drugs or chemicals in my body – NOT the government, the pharmaceuticals, even my doctor and especially not the CNN.

If any news networks or the government feel so strongly about vaccinations (that they are considering forcing people to take these drugs) then here’s my proposition.

Lets have CNN dedicate 5 hours of their valuable air time (or as long as it’s necessary) to have a national uninterrupted debate where the best qualified opposing sides will argue their case to the public. Then air this debate two times per week for two months to make sure most people in the nation are informed about this matter.

After which have a national vote on this issue. That would be a much more professional way of presenting this highly important matter to the public, especially in light of how CNN is doing this now through short 10 min edited segments, without any reasonable opposition and with media prosecutions as well as character assassinations of anyone opposing vaccinations. If that is not propaganda, I do not know what is….

So why I don’t trust vaccines? Aside from my personal research, because CNN is pushing them on to me in a propagandistic way. They are unprofessionally using media techniques that are clearly visible to me and that puts in question not just the content they are presenting but their objectivity, honesty and any benevolent intent (that I highly doubt CNN has).

My last suggestion is – move out of large highly populated cities and relocate into smaller towns, communicates and villages. Eat healthy foods, breath fresh air, exercise and strengthen your immune system. Above all educate yourself in all areas that interest you… like vaccinations. At the same time don’t become a hermit or seclusionist. Partake in your community, politics and business. Advocate for reason, transparency and openness.

Hey if that five hour debate convinces me that having 300 vaccines and chemicals is good for me I will be the 1st person in line to get them…. but lets have that debate… lets get all the facts in the open.

Here is a good place to start your research….

via Veteransnewsnow