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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Have the Rothschilds Placed Their Presidential Bet?

Be sure and read our earlier posts on the Rothschilds in America politics - directly - [no one can say how else through their surrogates such as banks and tax-exempt foundations] & other Marxists on HuffPost staff:

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, yes of THE Rothchilds, is out with a column hinting at a potential victory for a third-party candidate. She writes at HuFFPo:

In an environment of unprecedented political gridlock in Washington and broad-based dissatisfaction with the leading candidates of both parties, 2012 may finally be the year when an independent candidate becomes president of the United States. For the first time in our nation's history, popular dissatisfaction with both parties is reinforced by the existence of serious bipartisan organizations that will facilitate the effort of a non-aligned national figure to become president. Because of these two factors, the opportunity to mobilize what Tom Friedman calls "the radical center" has never been greater...

The extent of voter dismay [read Rothschild dismay] in America is astounding...

A not-for-profit organization, called Americans Elect is establishing ballot access in all 50 states for the candidates for president and vice president in 2012 who will be nominated directly by the people in an online nominating process. The sophisticated website of Americans Elect allows registered voters a revolutionary new way to nominate a bipartisan ticket to occupy the White House. To date, the website has over 300,000 delegates, more than 50 times the number that participate in both the Democratic and Republican Party conventions (in full disclosure, I sit on the Leadership Board for Americans Elect).

Many other bipartisan organizations have emerged over the past three years to give support and strength to any qualified independent candidate. No Labels is a political organization of Republicans, Democrats and Independents working on the grassroots level to support bipartisan and pragmatic politicians and polices. The group has 180,000 members and on December 13th is holding an open meeting at the Capital [sic] to unveil a comprehensive congressional action plan. Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, is leading a movement of business leaders and political donors to end the hyper-partisanship in Washington that could be the bedrock of financing for a viable independent, bipartisan, ticket for 2012.

Simply, both the political environment and the tools are in place for a total disintermediation of our political duopoly. If activated, the "radical center" is bigger and stronger than all the vested interests and the extremists in the political parties, in the media, in the streets and in the guts of Washington. All that is needed is for them to mobilize with "passionate intensity". The way is open for ordinary citizens to reject the options that our dysfunctional party system offers and go online to nominate the people who we think are most qualified to be president and vice president. It is time to change the way Washington works by transforming the way that Washington is elected. Act now to change America!
I wonder what she is up to. And what about this 'No Labels" group she mentions?

Thom Hartmann may be able to clue us in:
No labels, just wealth and power.

There is strong speculation that Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, married to Sir Evelyne de Rothschild, head of the richest family on the planet ($21 trillion, former head of NM Rothschild & Sons, the Rothschild bank, and one time director at diamond industry monopolist De Beers), is behind the 'No Labels' campaign.

Michael Bloomberg has also signed onto this 'campaign'.
Hmm, Michael Bloomberg. Isn't he, like, mulling over running as a third-party candidate? And it's funny Lady Rothschild didn't mention in her column any ties to the "grassroots" organization, No Labels. Must have slipped her mind.