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Friday, December 23, 2011


The dream robbers
For those who can’t remember $2.50 oil and 25 cts gas or $35 gold.
By Bill Rummel, Editor of the Charleston Voice
Oil is not the eagerly sought after treasure it is postured to be. It's gold.
Yes, oil companies and associated companies and their industries are 'filthy rich'. Rich, that is, as long as their dollar "hoards" have a value to exchange for other needed commodities and services. Sure, they drill and war frantically for more and more oil. Forbes lays the king's crown of biggest oil upon Saudi Aramco. But, that’s all just a smokescreen for the underlying disease.

Why then is there a sweeping call for a gold dinar when the Middle East is hoarding billions of US dollars? They could buy pretty nearly anything on earth, including the world’s largest economies. Islamic banking and its abhorrence for debt and unsound money is rapidly finding new customers throughout the Arab world. We expect with the growing Moslem ethnicity in Europe, and their Islamic beliefs that Eastern Europe – and Russia - will have a major influence in world finance.
Red China, with all the media hullabaloo about their paltry gold purchases, is really a stay-at-home banker with its $1.5 trillion in US dollars. Why is this so?
This event we believe can be credited to former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Hank made 70+ trips to Red China while with Goldman Sachs (Rothschild agent) before he was appointed Secretary by Bush-the-Junior. His schmoozing of the Communist dictatorship delivered China to the international banking syndicate. Similar forex and commodity market manipulations from the COMEX were replicated on Chinese bourses, and are now in play complementing London and NY to buffer the US dollar swoonings – and runs to gold and silver.
Still, the International Crime Cartel is desperate to hold back a world tsunami demanding honest money.
As we’ve repeatedly said there are but three tools at hand for the banksters. They must acquire the world’s gold by one or all of these three measures:
1.      By Conquest. Building an empire through subversion of foreign governments and cultures are the evident method. The Middle East is an obvious target with the African continent now beginning to raise eyebrows. The CIA is a major tool for inciting social unrest “needing” a rescue solution from elements of the UN and associated coalition forces. US troops are the chosen “crack troops” for the Cartel. Subjugating a ‘rogue’ country brings the installation of a puppet leader responsive and obedient to the Cartel. India’s another situation. It’s said to have more gold in the hands of its citizens than anywhere else on the planet. However, with its close defensive and trading ties with Russia, it’s a bugaboo for the banksters. Perhaps China could be goaded into attacking India if needed. (See Iran link below.)
2.      By Confiscation. This method you’re all familiar with. Hear the words of FDR the Great Confiscator. But, unlike the 1930s, Americans have grown distrustful of their own government leaders, finally coming to the realization their ‘chosen ones’ have become henchmen for the Corporatists. Our form of republican governing has toppled. Consequently, the banksters, through their owned government medium needs all-powerful internal controls. Gold mines, or a producer of any commodity for that matter, can be nationalized by presidential Executive Order. So, why then should China and other banksters buy the mines when a world government will readily hand them over for free? As for citizen-held gold in personal possession (“hoarders”) what happens here. Regulation, taxation, punishment – but not confiscation directly. Sell your gold without decreed authority and you go to jail. Of course, any gold that is forfeited goes to the Cartel. The precious metals ETFs will dry up and blow away.
3.      By Deception. The last criminal option is to offer “new fiat certificates” for the paper money circulating. The old ‘warehouse receipt’ scam works every time.
Any of these elements of the Cartel’s war on the world’s citizens may be in play singularly at any time or in conjunct with the other two.
There have been other agitators for honest money before Ron Paul. Father Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh, and Louis McFadden are just three that readily come to mind. All were vilified, scorned and finally driven off the stage by the Cartel.  
Ron Paul is but the current lightening rod for abuse by dishonest people. They are the Dream Robbers, Enslavers, Destroyers of Cultures and Religions, and Fatal to Sovereign Countries. Let’s be sure this time that we drive these phony inflationary-debt-paper-for-gold-moneychangers from the temple!