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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jackie Robinson (Brooklyn Dodgers) was a Communist Dupe: FBI Documents, 1958

Published by Charleston Voice, 06.25.12

We've known of Robinson's affiliation with the Communist-infiltrated NAACP for years, but didn't want to bring it up w/o reason before now. Here's the reason which fits so nicely within bounds of our present POTUS: Barack Obama wants to visit set of Jackie Robinson movie ’42′. Genuine and devoted baseball fans have set racism aside for their favorite passtime; quite glaringly, Barry Soetoro has not, using every opportunity to draw the race distinction.  But, that's Hollywood, too, isn't it!

This is but the 1st page from the FOIA FBI documents originating in 1958. The 5-page file can be viewed here at the FBI site [FBI has since archived these and eliminated from their file directory. Urge you to save on your hard drive in likely event they'll disappear entirely]. In brief, and when the FBI was a loyal protector of our internal security, Jack Roosevelt ("Jackie") Robinson was closely watched for subversive leanings.