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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Government corruption: "Lost" US soldier found in Vietnam

Not altogether unsurprising we could find only one other link for this story in a Google search for "John Hartley Robertson Vietnam", and that story is a debunker, but published below as well. Without even a dipshit probe by congress, as for us, we'll go with his American family members and fellow veteran comrades who vouch for his authenticity. You are free to have your own opinion.

The Pentagon just wishes this guy would go away

His name is John Hartley Robertson.

His sister who recently saw him face-to-face is sure it's him. So are some guys who served with him. But the Pentagon will tell you it isn't so.

Robertson was born and raised in Alabama and he was a good solider and Army Sgt. (the guys who really fight the wars.)

He was so good he earned a spot in a SOG, a special operations group which some members fondly refer to as "Son of the Gestapo."

They were used for "classified missions."

A fancy name for dirty work, usually illegal and often and sometimes involving war crimes.

Robertson was "lost" during a mission in Laos in 1968, but apparently the Pentagon has known about him for years.

I'm sure their fondest hope was that he would just fade away.

SOG alumni are the very definition of "inconvenient truths." A whole lot of them die or are otherwise neutralized when they're no longer needed.

Favorite methods: 1) send them on impossible missions where they are most likely to die and 2) put them all on a helicopter and have an "accident." Some end up in prison for life on trumped up charges back in the states under very close watch.

All's fair in love and war, right?

Revealed: Man claiming to be Vietnam veteran Sgt John Hartley Robertson, who went missing and was presumed dead 44 years earlier, is 'exposed as a fraud'

It is claimed that the man tacked down and 'identified' for a new documentary is in fact a fraudster who the US government performed DNA tests on 20 years ago and whose story had been fully debunked

But sadly it looks as if the man found living in the Vietnam jungle, who a new documentary claims is ‘long dead’ US army veteran Sgt John Hartley Robertson, is likely to be a fraud.

News of the “discovery” of Sgt Robertson swept the world yesterday, after details emerged of a soon-to-be-released documentary that claims an elderly man living in the remote Vietnam jungle is in fact a former Green Beret shot down and presumed dead 44 years ago.

Although DNA tests had not taken place, tearful “reunions” with a former colleague and the last surviving sister of Sgt Robertson appeared to confirm the man was who he claimed to be.

80-year-old Jean Robertson Holly even went as far as saying: “There’s no question. I was certain it was him in the video, but when I held his head in my hands and looked in his eyes, there was no question that was my brother”.

That emotional story was shattered today, however, when it was claimed that the found man was in fact a fraudster who the US government performed DNA tests on 20 years ago and whose story had been fully debunked as an attempt to exploit Vietnam’s Missing in Action and Prisoner of War groups and claim military back-pay.

According to a memo sent to a UK news organisation yesterday evening, the man claiming to be Sgt Robertson is in fact Dang Tan Ngoc – a 76-year-old Vietnamese citizen of French origin who has a history of pretending to be US army veterans.

The memo, taken from a Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personnel Office report in 2009, apparently says Ngoc first came to the attention of the US military in 2006 when he started telling people he was Sgt John Hartley Robertson... Finish reading: Independent_uk story May 13, 2013