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Monday, February 3, 2014

U.S. Troops covertly operating in Tunisia-Algeria - American Intervention Unwelcomed

A U.S. military base in the Tunisian-Algerian border
From our special correspondent in Tunis: Yacine B / French Version: Moussa K.
2013/12/30 (Last modified: 2013/12/30 at 13:46)
Photo: (DR)
While the Tunisian government denied by the voice of his spokesman the existence of U.S. ground forces on Tunisian soil, information and managed exclusively Echorouk have revealed mass of CIA officers and Africom soldiers in this country.
Americans would be installed in four points, including two south of the country and Ben Kerdane Médenine and Djerjiss to control Tunisian coast near Libyan waters.

The soldiers and Marines Africom settled, meanwhile, on the mountains of Chaânbi to the border with Algeria, including a senior U.S. officer colonel and expert in surveying and monitoring devices Using satellite.

In fact, U.S. soldiers have cooperated for several months with senior members of the Tunisian army to establish a Tunisian-American military base whose mission is to monitor the movement of people, vehicles and everything happens Tunisia.

A part of the Tunisian Interior accused the security forces of his country

Hocine El Khafi, former official at the Ministry of Interior Tunisian told Echorouk "There are 12 jihadi training camps in the Tunisian territory, and officials of the Interior know. Once they have been trained, the jihadists will be sent to the Algerian Sahara, Mali and Syria. " El Khafi and added: "If there is an explosion in a public place, hotel, shopping mall, you should know that it is the Tunisian special forces who planned, which try to aggravate the situation to deceive the Tunisian people and give them the impression that terrorism has spread in Tunisia and Al-Qaeda attacked the people and institutions of civil society. The goal is to prepare the ground for U.S. intervention and Marines on Tunisian soil. "

Hamma Hammami: "We do not accept American intervention on our soil"

On possible U.S. military bases, should they prove really exist in Tunisia, the Popular Front position itself in the vanguard to deny any involvement of U.S. ground forces on Tunisian soil, said President the Popular Front, Hamma Hammami.

According to him, any military intervention in Tunisia is not shoved the country into chaos and may even have a devastating impact. In addition, Hammami considered that any intervention that was also provoke violence, especially in his eyes, some transform mosques forums to incite violence and division of the Tunisian people, and there would even a risk of ethnic division in the country. "
SOURCE echoroukonline