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Monday, February 3, 2014

US Military Airplane Loaded with Weapons Lands in al-Mafraq, Jordan

Secretly funded by US congress...
[2/3/2014 11:47:43 AM] 

Jordanian news and press sources revealed that a US airplane, loaded with fatal weapons, landed in al-Mafraq airport in Jordan to deliver the weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Al-Wahda news network quoted Jordanian sources as saying that a US aircraft, loaded with weapons arrived in al-Mafraq airport to hand over these weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, referring to the graduation of a new batch of 1500 gunmen, of al-Zaatari camp residents, who were trained for fighting and using weapons to join nearly 50000 others existing in Syria.

US Security officials have unveiled that the US congress had secretly endorsed a bill to fund weapon shipments to the armed terrorist groups in Syria through Jordan.

*Tishreen News

SOURCE ammonnews