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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Good guys: The courageous anti-surveillance activist you probably never heard of *vid*

As we see it. Private contractors (corporatists) are positioned allied as co-conspirators with government agencies - - then when caught with a crime the government judicial system steps in for the conspirators ruling that wrongs make right. Case closed. Liberty loses. Next case. 

Don't expect any congressional oversight.

Before there was Snowden, there was Brown
105 years in prison for posting a link
Before the media frenzy around Edward Snowden too place, a man named Barnett Brown got prison time for similar charges.

Serious prison time.

After leaking information about a private intelligence company, many unfair charges were slapped on Brown, sending him to prison for 105 years.

His story is one like many convicted by principles of the Espionage act.

His crime?

He reposted a web link.